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  1. Lol this is gonna get deleted fr ok now go beg muscleking for $10
  2. BTC in my opinion wont moon until like the year 2020 because then a new coin might release or a big whale might sell everything or something
  3. Strategy A: all in 10x and hope for the best (just kidding) my best strat is literally find a streak on dice of no double green and then bet if loss i just double up.
  4. well so i had this bug but i dont have a bet ID because the auto betting was going on a week ago but i’ll describe what happened. I had 2.5 doge base bet autobet on infinity games the ball landed on 1000X but got credited for 0.2X i described it to support and they checked and saw nothing.
  5. Henlo welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay
  6. The race is alot! And i think top 100 will require 1 btc wagered minimum! Because it’s like 100th place gets .005 i think i’m not sure but i am sure alot of whales will pop up and steal our places!
  7. Mostly i withdraw all or i put it all in a vault which results in a less of a addiction which could less your gambling and make you keep your profits instead of redepositing and losing it all
  8. My biggest win is about $250 because i had a big loss streak and started ragebetting couldn’t handle myself and decided to all in and then won i got an instant 21 and was so happy 😂
  9. Hey guys/girls happy birthday stake! Hope this site will still exist for several years! My biggest moment on stake is this: i know its not big but it’s still my biggest moment 🥳
  10. Ohno a bot spotted! Big deletion incoming if his posts/replies and deletation? We’ll see sadly he has to do this so for any income lmao
  11. nopjegang


    Have you people ever had the problem that plinko started lagging and the ball went on a 130x or 1000x but didnt credit to your balance? In my opinion its pretty annoying but i would love to hear if you ever had that and if yes how much did you miss?
  12. You mean an actual button which stops whenever you want it to stop? That would be a good idea i hope they could add that tho because that would be more fun and adrenaline pumping.
  13. I mean some of them are nice some of them are real jerks and beggers but yeah i guess we gotta accept it since they lost all of their money but still they get muted so basically they dont have to beg because they know the consequences.