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  1. The best way to wager is with the game Baccarat. Why this game ? Because with this trick you have '> 50%' chance to not loose your bet, I will explain more after. But on the long term, you will keep your money, and wager a lot. Because if we bet on the player: Player won: x2 Tie: x1 (keep money) The trick How much betting : Divide by 200 your bankroll (ex: if you have 1 BTC, you will put : 0.005) Thanks, tell me if you agree this trick to wager !
  2. 100% win not existe, but if you are lucky, it will be nice for you ahah
  3. If you want to wager a lot: - place same money value on all [2:1] - instant bet - keep [space] in manual. Say to me if it's worked for you 😁
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