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  1. i hav eno idea that we ahve this on stake? where can i see it? its good, any kind of free money to be able to play on stake is good, iim giving high 5 on all of free money, and a good survey to stake. man ilove stake.com
  2. man can you share how you get 3x of 500x on keno? much better if you can put bet id so we can see that its true, coz i can even start a post saying that i get 1000x on keno for 4x, but without proof its just on my dream.
  3. wow 2015? i think btc is not that much during this days, mean you profit alot if you invest on it,. did you profit a lot? become rich from it?
  4. i think lot of people are losing more than people that actually win, your not seeing it, every second there is a person losing their money, mean its more than what you can calculate
  5. i think it will be in low price, that is how btc before, alway down at the end of the year, and it rises on mid of the year, so i think and my guess is it will not change, same like what happen before, will be less price
  6. DICE: 8,336,240,288 placed by hazel1996 on 27/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 1.9800000190734863x Profit 0.00000098 DICE: 8,336,240,597 placed by hazel1996 on 27/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 1.9800000190734863x Profit 0.00000098 DICE: 8,336,240,898 placed by hazel1996 on 27/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 1.9800000190734863x Profit 0.00000098 DICE: 8,336,241,189 placed by hazel1996 on 27/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 1.9800000190734863x Profit 0.00000098 DICE: 8,336,241,467 placed by hazel1996 on 27/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 1.9800000190734863x Profit 0.00000098 DICE: 8,336,241,761 placed by hazel1996 on 27/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 1.9800000190734863x Profit 0.00000098 DICE: 8,336,242,070 placed by hazel1996 on 27/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 1.9800000190734863x Profit 0.00000098
  7. KENO: 8,119,217,733 placed by hazel1996 on 20/08/2019 Wagered 0.03800000 Multiplier 67x Profit 2.50800000
  8. will keep it and, enjoy life, i guess enough money is ehat i need to stop gambling, money that will make me move freely, if only i have given a chance to change everything i will not bet the first time i did it, hope life can go back, and i will change everything that happen im my life, but to answer this question that you have on this topic, i will stop working and enjoy my money maybe for a while, coz im so stress this time, huhuhuh
  9. what makes me gamble? for me, im addicted, so im not so sure why im gambling, maybe i just get used to it, i dont evenknow why im doing it, and im feeling different when im winning, but when i lose, i am really sad andproblematic, hope i get out of this life, i no longer want it, i have a good job, getting enough money for daily living, but i still choose to gamble even if i dont need to, since im have good job, i think that this is no longer helathy for me, it gives me more problem than happiness, i even lose my wife bcoz of it, but still im here, able to go through life, but i gues that is how it is, life goes on what ever happen im still me.
  10. PLINKO: 7,953,618,993 placed by hazel1996 on 14/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 420x Profit 0.00041900 PLINKO: 7,954,422,767 placed by hazel1996 on 14/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000113 Multiplier 170x Profit 0.00019097
  11. VIDEOPOKER: 7,887,010,114 placed by hazel1996 on 12/08/2019 Wagered 0.03800000 Multiplier 1x Profit 0.00000000 VIDEOPOKER: 7,886,773,760 placed by hazel1996 on 12/08/2019 Wagered 0.03800000 Multiplier 3x Profit 0.07600000 VIDEOPOKER: 7,887,018,537 placed by hazel1996 on 12/08/2019 Wagered 0.03800000 Multiplier 22x Profit 0.79800000
  12. hello another topic i created to help people ile me who dont know , dont want, and cant sop the addiction of gambling, i believe this is happening because some of us are not aware that we are already addicted, somea are aware but still in denial stage, now i will give you and advice that might help, i you really want to stop gambling, first thin to do is to accept to yourself that you are addicted to gambling, the fact that you are addicted, then figure out cost of all this addiction, then create or think of a way to stop it, a plan or formula to be able to move out of this addiction, for example,if you already accept that you are addicted to stake, think why you are being addicted, is it happening because you see stake as a good distraction? realeasing stress? a stress reliever? but we are forgetting to set limit to avoid losing all we got? now after you know the reason why, think of a way to sop of block it, for me, my way of avoiding gambling is by suppressing it, or delaying myself, until i lose the urge of gambling, for example i want to bet now, i will tell myself to bet after 15mins, then when it comes i will tell myslf another 15mins, until i no longer want to bet, this is just one way of decieving our mind, until it lose urge , until ou find another else to do , much more interesting and more productive, making fool of yourself right? but atleast, you made yourself avoid gambling, that is my waty of stopping myself . to get away of my addiction, if you ahve other way of getting away from your addiction feel free to post here, hope this little thing that we post make a big help to other, thx
  13. guy, have you had a story on how you lose all our salary on gambling?, actually i wrote today to share how my life change because of gambling, not only on stake but also in real life, before i start my story ill shsare to you my normal life before i started gambling, im a nursing graduate, and employee of communication located in philippines, i sarted my gambling life when i was on my downside of my life, i broke up with my girlfriend nand so i look for a way to enjoy myself and i found gambling as my distraction, i started betting a little, and i won a lot, maybe 3x a week but i notice that every after win, i lose, and when i lose, i found myself pawning all my gadget including my cellphone, im addicted to gambling even before i find stake.com, ,actually stake is a big help to me, i jsut dont know yet how i can manage my addiction, to turn everything to positive, beore i learn stake, i play in street the game is toss coin, actually i know that im losing all my time and money and even my friends, lol, with thi skind of addiction all your friends will be gone, including your wife, lol, will be lonely for the rest of my life, and even tho i know im addicted, i still dont stop coz i dont know how to control it, the biggest lose that happpen to me is $600 and i lose to a kid wiht $4 capital, losing with that kid is a dumbass move, but it didnt stop ther, i contimue my life, going to work everyday, and when salry come, i still play on the street, sometime i lose, some times i win, then on 2017 i found stake.com, i dont undestand it at first, but after a week or so, i learn how ot play it and started earn real cash, i even withdraw $22 from this site after winning form a tip from a high roller on chat, winnings continue, and i even join forum, i learn how to earn in forum, and even created a way to win o stake, i earn more than i lose during the mid of 2017 i can earn $150 per week, im able to support my family even tho im the only one working , but somethin happen to my relationship with my wife, and i have to give up stake, she dont wan to undestand why im playing stake, i have no choice but to stop playing, and so i stop, but she didnt stop cheating, never stop for the whole year of 2018, then 2019 comes our realtionship come to an end, was all broken, i lose my feeling, dont even care that she is cheating, i choose to play stake again, i dumped her, throw her our of my house, now im alone have more time for stake, still playing, my salary for this month was already done, on playing toss coin, i come back to stake to earn moneey and i believe that stake wont let me down, now im alone, i have a lot of time for stake, and i know stake deserve it,.
  14. guys, we all know that the longer we stay playing, the higher the percentage of losing, so do you have or set any quota per day to earn money everyday? ?me? i dont, im not so good with money, actually i really dont kbow how to stop gambling, i know im addicted but have no control on my life, but im planning to change my life know , specially my grandad is dead and my granma vry to me, telling me that she have big expectation to me, that i will be sucessful, but i failed her, now i have aplan since im going 30, my plan is to become rich in just 1 year, you thik its impossible?? right? for me its not, actually the reason why i become addicted to gambling is becoz i dont value money, for me its just a piece of paper, and i can earn money so fast, but i can lose it so fast aswell, nowy plan is to bet wisely, stop at a certin point, to earn daily, plus, do the right thing, every move and effort and time waste should have an equal amount of money, dont put effort then you wont get anything from it, actually its starting now, i just need to change my mondset, dont think that money is easy to get, give value, put prices on everything , now im settingy quota as 10k per day, once i win 10k satoshi, i will stop, continue thenext day. me is just a little profit, and i believe wiht this kind of daily profit, i will become a good withdraw after some time, so start setting a daily quota now and start earning money, how with this one we all win , hope you too set quota, so that we can earn and not lose everyday.
  15. i wont, coz i might end up having zero, im not so good in gambling it only ruin my whole life, plus i wasted the time which is the most regrat i have in my life, money can earn but time cant be back, even if you do anything, so spend time wisely, enjoy every second of it.