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  1. https://gyazo.com/ba968bf6e082733017d9ce38865088e3 1668
  2. Leeds 2-1 West Ham Wolves 1-1 Aston Villa Newcastle 1-0 West Brom Man Utd 1-2 Man City Everton 0-2 Chelsea Southampton 1-0 Sheffield Utd Crystal Palace 2-0 Spurs Fulham 2-1 Liverpool Arsenal 1-0 Burnley Leicester 2-1 Brighton username: remyfifi1
  3. You're who?I've never seen you on The French Chat
  4. 1.My stake username is remyfifi1 2.I spend my time between 5 and 10 hours every day on the stake 3.The functions of moderators include facilitating the introduction of participants to a forum, encouraging in-depth discussion, maintaining order throughout the day .In short: welcome the new player. Animate.. and moderate the chat 4.I would like to become moderate because I am often on The French chat and I participate a lot in the discussion. I know how to be funny and also impartial if some discussion are toxic. I know well the rules of stake and its working and if I'm not present som
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