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  1. You're who?I've never seen you on The French Chat
  2. 1.My stake username is remyfifi1 2.I spend my time between 5 and 10 hours every day on the stake 3.The functions of moderators include facilitating the introduction of participants to a forum, encouraging in-depth discussion, maintaining order throughout the day .In short: welcome the new player. Animate.. and moderate the chat 4.I would like to become moderate because I am often on The French chat and I participate a lot in the discussion. I know how to be funny and also impartial if some discussion are toxic. I know well the rules of stake and its working and if I'm not present som
  3. plus on joue et plus on perd...se fixer une limite et faire des cession tres courtes
  4. remyfifi1


    le rakeback est vraiment cool ...tres bonne idée
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