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  1. Try Mines. It's really so easy to growing up your balance. Many strategies in Dice you can find by Google from simply to hard.
  2. Today I have lose my fortune Waiting forward to 10th August.
  3. From so many topics about Eddie he will soon begin to stutter... during the stream
  4. It looks like that 1 hour mute for you it's little for you You are angry and writes every slag and thinking Why did I get 1 hour mute?
  5. Mohican

    Hi loves :)

    Hello XRP, and let's gambling
  6. Hello. Try to make money at the work Here is a place to enjoy their spending
  7. Hello and welcome to lucky
  8. Good day dear Stake communities, Very nice to be one of big and friendly family. I like it here more and more DICE: 7,655,950,656 placed by Mohican on 04/08/2019 Wagered 0.10000000 Multiplier 3300x Profit 329.90000000
  9. Welcome and nothing but so lucky
  10. Welcome and nothing but so lucky
  11. The spirit of competition always excites people's minds. Sometimes it’s interesting for people to get a cherished patch than to think what will happen after. At the another hand, nobody forbids to participate, if you do not want to make more bets. I agree with you that Stake makes something better to comfort playing but Races like raining for players. More bets more rain value. Bet to red and to black at the same time in Roulette and increase your wagered. But sometime Zero is the little nothings of gambling
  12. Hello every stake's family, In looking for the better Crypto Wallet I have faced with Wirex with token itself WTX. in my opinion, the best Wallet for today, perhaps Here is my referal link: - Wirex the only platform that allows unconditional access to OTC and interbank rates with completely transparent about fees - so you always know what you’re paying and why, - Wirex app puts you in control of every aspect of your money, - Deposit your Wirex using a credit or debit card, bank transfer or crypto. And what Wallets do you use? What about advantages for, fees and etc.?