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  1. Not sure if this is the right place or not on this forum.. Just letting people know i was able to buy dogecoin using paypal by this seller on fiverr. https://www.fiverr.com/stevebjorkman/give-you-500-doge-coins-or-its-value-in-bitcoin#!
  2. Yes i do, my girl would rather choke on my -------------> than my hair you know what im sayin? And upside down, gotta be clean.
  3. The following is based on real live events...Viewer Discretion is advised. RicciRivero vs WWCD21 December 29, 2017 Ricci: hey theree wwcd: hi Ricci: can i ask you something? wwcd: sure, but im not gay Ricci: lmao hahah Ricci: sorry haha Ricci: im asking if you can lend me 10k for awhile? ill make some and give it to you back with an extra wwcd: pinky promise Ricci: yeah wwcd: how long is awhile? lol December 29, 2017 Ricci: like only 1-2 hrs Ricci: deal? wwcd: 10-4 good luck, and fyi: i buy my coins off of paxful, i find a seller that trades for amazon ecodes, little as $15, takes 10mins, yes deal here it comes Ricci: ok Ricci: oops Ricci: i need to tell you something Now my blood boils alittle, Just gave the loan, then get an OOPS BACK instead of Thank You! LOL wwcd: what Ricci: can you add 10k more? which make total of 20k and payback 25k Ricci :if deal tyvm wwcd: really..lol..one at a time Ricci: im asking if you can lend me 30k but maybe you dont have wwcd: pay me back first as the previous deal has been done Ricci: and you can lend me 30k? wwcd: yeah Ricci:but add 10k more just add Ricci: i dont need 30k Ricci: for plinko roll wwcd: what person ask for a 10k loan then 10 more without even paying back the original loan, man i have plenty of money, i gae you the loan as a friendly gesture, if you cant pay me back, the 1st loan you took out from me, just piss off Ricci: im just scared to bust this Ricci: sorry for asking it again wwcd: talk to me when you pay back the original, thank you. good luck. Ricci: but i didnt know that you have much so i only ask 10k wwcd: talk to me when you pay back the original, thank you. good luck. wwcd: i only have 0.003, pay me back i loan more Ricci :how much you can lend me? wwcd: 200k but you need to square me up first Ricci: square? wwcd: means complete previous loan wwcd: shows you are trust worthy Ricci: if you can lend me 200k i will payback 0.0025 wwcd: pay back previous loan first 1:02 AM Ricci: you here? wwcd: yea Ricci: how much you have now? wwcd: 0.003 Ricci: paid bro 10 sats to 10k lmao haha thanks can you lend me some now? a serious loan 0.0015 loan and ill pay you 0.0017 payback time 12hours thats the max wwcd: you really gave me 63 more than what i loaned u lol no thanks December 29, 2017 why? Ricci: you just said if i paid the first i can ask again Ricci: 30k loan? Ricci: imma pay it 50k wwcd: i lied, to get you to pay me back...ty lol u talk a good game though not mad ricci: this is just social experiment thankyou for your behavior haha
  4. do you keep hitting the same tile even if u bust, just keep busting until win?
  5. wwcd21


    I was in chat when they decided to change it to lvl 4..Like really just out the blue, to me that is unprofessional.
  6. wwcd21


    I want yall's opinion on this site, i have played there before, deposit and withdraw, something about it though i just cant pin point.. Low users, dice can get sketchy as hell, any success?
  7. never heard of the site until now.
  8. wwcd21


    I like the interface.
  9. Make $1k a week, i am far from that goal, according to bankroll management.