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  1. hi friend, Thanks for providing information regarding eligible list of countries. I already tried but i getting on wait-list from long time.(this mean that offer is not available i my country till.)
  2. So many peoples waiting to play slots or to get coupon for new game ??? So many peoples just show their intention in words that they are big gamblers but they actually want freebies.
  3. They not doing giveaways from their pocket, they earn lot which people like us can't even imagine. hence it is possible to them to make such huge giveaways.
  4. My Favorite gambling website is Stake so i spend maximum time on stake.com compare to other gambling websites. I usually spend 8-10 hour a day on stake.com.
  5. I never tried to put my balance on risk and Never make bet for higher multiplier. but i while playing telegram challenge i got 800x in video poker but with 0 bet. (won 10 usd as challenge reward) and another instance where i hit 222x in crash challenge with 100 satoshis.
  6. Its totally depend upon you. I making small withdrawals like 20-50$ time to time. Making accumulation of big funds leads to bust entire balance before withdrawal.
  7. Highest coupon i got from stake is 3$. For challenge i got 5$ coupon.
  8. Seed not matter in ur game. If u continuously play one game in same pattern bot track it and give u losses on big bets.
  9. Congrats for 500x. I never hit more than 13x in keno.
  10. Hi Friends, This website is suggested by my best friend, Hope i do some good thing over here. (Find New Friends, Gambling, Fun etc) I m New here so need some suggestions from experienced users. Thanks and good luck all...