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  1. Didin't they like completely ban selling of skins and buying them outside of the steam market ? guess not apperently
  2. This is a pretty cool question, on the how much would it be worth and all i don't really know but id like to base it around a video game, just like what the HORAgames did, and i found that pretty damn cool !
  3. This is like the VIP thing, im not sure about the numbers but most people i asked said it's 10k for bronze and 50k for silver the others i don't know
  4. This isn't really a strat, but limbo i just don't really like it anyways it's just a borring version of crash thats all
  5. I usually stick with the same strat, i usually do a good old martingale, or if im bored i do some HILO
  6. Didn't know this, that's really cool !
  7. Haven't gotten as unlucky as you but still, i got a 25 losing streak with 25% of winning
  8. Probably not in my opinion, it's gonna reach 15k max maybe
  9. it's sad that we have to make 35 posts though