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  1. See man according to stake we have to "play smarter". And this is exactly what you have to do now! You can't mess it up bro. You have to bet smart, think of new strategies and find a groove that works for you I will tell you one thing though : Never ever follow other's strategies. Use your own! It works out better than you think
  2. In my opinion vault 90% of your profits to reduce temptations and still have that 10% to play with
  3. Well we all know you loved to share those rains. I just have to say well done man and i hope more days come like this!
  4. So, quiznos the burger boi is back! im sure there are a lot of people like me who think - "oh damn i want vip status so bad you get more than 100 doge per faucet claim and you get rakeback" and all other benefits from it. So if you don't want to lose all your balance in the process of wagering and still have a good day's wager here u go. Best time to wager - during races 1. Eddie's rains are a charm! You recieve 800 - 8000 btc sat per rain eddie makes before the race starts.. amen't i right? so you take that 800 and start to wager on the two best wagering games - roul
  5. so everyone is saying dice.. but in my opinion its limbo limbo is a great game because the multiplier you can reach is more than 2 million x so amount of 2x should usually be more compared to dice which is 9900x on payout.. hope that makes sense to you guys.. but yeah that's the point it has such high quantity of payout
  6. you know i've been wondering just play hi-lo and keep skipping cards until you get like a 70% or above chance of a card.. you get like 50 skips i think so its definetly worth it. I've had great experiences with hi=lo one time i hit 1827x.. but the only problem was i was at 0 sat bet so anyway... hi-lo is a great game but at anytime in the game it can psych you with that low % card being the one that comes next
  7. you know there is a specific strategy for mines put no of mines at 3 and play to get diamonds till you get payout of 5x or 7.92x! Tip - mines usually appear in a bundle somewhere so rather than choosing different aread to click on tiles go all in a row and avoid the last edges because they are risky.
  8. well you can set the multiplier target you wanna hit.. then roll about 50% of no. of rolls needed to make payout @0 sat so you save your bankrolll
  9. Mines is actually a really nice one.. keep 3 mines and you can play till 7.97x or 5x.. its pretty easy and less risky
  10. Hey guys its the sandwich sub boy! (quiznos is a sub company) Anyway I'm sure that tons of you would have that one point on stake - "oh my god i lost 100 doge i need to make up for the loss". You put in 200 doge bet hoping martingale would work.. then you lose.. and then you lose.. and again.. and finally poof! Out of balance.. Now how do you prevent yourself from being greedy? 1. Bank it! The best option in stake.com so as to restrict yourself from using all your balance. If you have a big bankroll, you will be tempted to bet big! and that comes with great risk a
  11. well being a non-vip person, it wouldnt matter much to me. but for vip's omgomgomogmomgomg im thinking vip's will get maybe double or triple their normal amount
  12. plinko is sorta different on manual in my opinion.. plus on auto it all goes by so fast you may not know that you just got a big loss.. then you choose to stop but then those next 20 fucking balls have to drop and you lose more..
  13. I dont think dice rolls are slow its just the animations that make it seem slow if you disable animations the roll should happen in a blur xD
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