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    quiznos got a reaction from htetaungxx in Rest for moment or continute betting after hit big multiplier?   
    In my opinion vault 90% of your profits to reduce temptations and still have that 10% to play with
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    quiznos got a reaction from LuckyP in The impressive day when x1000 arrived.   
    Well we all know you loved to share those rains. I just have to say well done man and i hope more days come like this!
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    quiznos got a reaction from Mahdirakib87 in How to not be greedy   
    Hey guys its the sandwich sub boy! (quiznos is a sub company)
    I'm sure that tons of you would have that one point on stake - "oh my god i lost 100 doge i need to make up for the loss". You put in 200 doge bet hoping martingale would work.. then you lose.. and then you lose.. and again.. and finally poof! Out of balance..
    Now how do you prevent yourself from being greedy?
    1. Bank it!
    The best option in stake.com so as to restrict yourself from using all your balance.
    If you have a big bankroll, you will be tempted to bet big! and that comes with great risk and you can lose all as usual.
    So what i suggest is that vault 90% of your earning whenever you win. ( profit ). Also, if you have a balance of 67.1937568634 and all those numbers, don't think that you should round off your balance by playing more. It's just an excuse to your brain. Vault it! And round off your balance to 65. Do this with all currencies and you can slowly see your vault filling up with huge amounts of money.
    I also suggest vaulting rains you receive.
    2. Lock it!
    Let's say you have won a great amount of money ( say 5000 doge). Then you would be so happy and then continue to play. And then you lose all! ( I'm sure you had a case of that :P) 
    So what you can do is ( if you have 2FA enabled) you can lock your account for a while by not using your android phone or something like that.. i don't use 2FA so i'm not a pro in that area.
    3. Slap yourself!
    The best way to not bet anymore after big profits or with big bankrolls is to slap yourself. Or give yourself a pinch. Whatever you fancy!
    Hope this mini post helped you to become more responsible with your money and play smarter!
    Signing off,
    Burger Boi Quiznos
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    quiznos got a reaction from timon3217 in Accident tip happened   
    HOO if accident tip happened to me i would defiently give it back. 
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    quiznos got a reaction from williamshennie9 in Anyone know of FaucetHub?   
    @williamshennie9no it is not like that. it is a hub of faucets. Faucets set up their payments over there and over 10000 websites have been registered to pay through faucethub. its "hub" you see
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