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  1. Not only statistics, in latest update doing rain will increase your balance as the rain amounts!~ ... that's fake balance unfortunately and can't be used.
  2. Loan feature..... hmm this maybe, will work with these condition (at least 2) : Gold/Platinum Only 25% hourly interest Provide real private document Weekly megaboost penalty or Monthly coupon penalty
  3. deposit 500k and get 1000k extra sounds better 🤣
  4. there are many reasons, maybe they found a new gambling place or hobbies, some leave before getting addicted, suffered because of gambling, and maybe some are dead and they don't have time to say goodbye.
  5. i'll play it, i don't know why when i play with rain coins, i can almost always make it 100x (it happens more than 10 times). But when i deposit, it hardly to even get 4x.
  6. Stake have some issues with balance, and it's been a long time. Sometimes it happen to me as well. Even when i claim coupon, balance didn't refresh immediately. There are some way to refresh balance (can only refresh once per action until next browser refresh) : * type /rain * open withdrawal menu * make some vault deposit * tip other player * refresh browser
  7. yes, it's good for the people lack of self control. But maybe it's not good for stake, most ppl claim rakeback after losing and then go all in and (mostly) lose. With this feature, ppl will claim rakeback when they have better mind and in bigger amount (better mind = more chance not to go all in and lose. bigger amount = more chance to win big - obviously)
  8. It takes up to 1 day for me to think as nothing happens, all i need is good sleep
  9. LIMBO: 12,130,527,406 placed by zevez on 01/12/2019 Wagered 310.00000000 Multiplier 1.100000023841858x Profit 31.00000739
  10. One cup of uncooked rice is about 175–185 grams. One gram of rice has around 48 grains. So a cup of 180 grams has 8640 grains of rice. Let's do it!