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  1. @kingcarbonell #stake Risk :High
  2. XRP has the fastest and most scalable settlement of any top digital asset and a proven use case beyond an alternative store of value—cross-border payments via RippleNet. When paired with ILP, XRP bridges the gap between any fiat or digital asset and forms a universal, ubiquitous way to make payments. Developers who build with ILP experience infinite scalability and are not locked into a single crypto ledger. Together, ILP and XRP enable trading in cross-blockchain transactions, micropayments, and web monetization for an array of industries like media and gaming.
  3. Hello sir how can i contact you sir.? I try to message but i have no message available to write
  4. My most memorable experience in this game are all of my money was invested and waggered. I sell my thing just to play.. Maybe im not lucky..but i am always positive that luck will come.
  5. Happy2 bday stake. My best moments while im playing is that im always nervous hahahha.. I get crazy when my btc gets low and then you hit the x800 x500. Hahaha.i wagger alot from you but i still like playing for happiness, again happy bday😀 stake 🎁