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  1. I found that too, Im really surprised also
  2. oh gosch I do not feel like playing keno at all, for me its not paying but if I do I only do small risk, it hits pretty often
  3. Im also kinda new here, especially here in the forum, but I was betting for a while on stake, welcome here
  4. I went on 100x after losing several 2x 3x and hit it on a first try lol
  5. 198x? I didn´t really get you with that second strat but whatever, it sounds kinda nice, the 198 strat, gotta try it, I usually do bet on 10x if lose multiply by 14%
  6. There is no way you can make a profit, its gambling, you will lose 99 times and win 1 time but you will still feel good because of that 1 win
  7. Prob btc will take over as the whole world is getting more into internet and you can rn pay nearly everything with an app or ur virtual wallet
  8. Impossible tbh, how can you win it all in a row
  9. Oh I do not really know, that should be some kind of a cashback but the hotels are prob too expensive
  10. Hi bro! I am also new here, its hard to find all the stuff at the very start, but then you will figure it out, wishing you best of luck!
  11. Nothing unusual, I have experienced it and it really pissed me off, I reckon that you should take it ez, there is no way you can make profit day by day and you have to understand that someday you need to lose some
  12. What a payout! I have not any good experience with hi-lo, its not paying for me, but well done lucky you
  13. I mean limbo is a great gamemode but when you hit that 17 times not over 1.3x lose streak its hard
  14. Everything is still possible, I guess its all about luck tho, not about strat or what times are now