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  1. Overall, I do not think that is it smart idea
  2. I think its easier to hit it at mines, although im not betting high ammounts mines pay better for me
  3. Every single time I make money I lost them, I never cashout haha
  4. Thats a great idea, like I should wager 100$ btc in 24 hours and if I do so I receive 5$-10$ as a bonus, great idea tbh
  5. Idk man, but the thing is you have to be really active to get those 10 000, I think they made it like this because of that
  6. Its time to buy as much btc as possible because it will go up for sure in the near future
  7. Hey, im pretty sure they do not have any app, its good enough on the chrome or any other browser
  8. I personally like mines, they are so profitable if you hunt high x, its great
  9. I wish it was on 20 000 like before, good old times heh
  10. I use blockchain, its well known, and im happy to be with it, there are no problems or anything
  11. It would be great if they can actually add normal balance, not crypto currencies but the balance where you can deposit via credit card etc
  12. That can be good af or actually horrible, first of all when they receive it, their salary can actually go higher if the btc does, on the other hand if btc falls down their salaries too. It is mindblowing
  13. I do not even find plinko interesting, for me its boring, mines are good for high payouts tho, plinko is also good if you hunt 1000x but eh, not addictive
  14. I tried to but gambling is ahh, its hard to get rid of it, really it is
  15. LuckyYT


    Welcome here bro Im also kinda new here, nice to meet you!