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  1. It wouldn't be exchangeable. It'll just be for the casino contests
  2. Yea we don't know what stake thinks about it. That's why i created the topic in suggestions lol
  3. Lol 990 comes up alot before 1.5k rolls. Its extremely rare to see it exceed 3k rolls
  4. Having a - casinocoin - could be a lot of fun. Contests should be held that would give rewards for daily and weekly winners.. Contests like Top 10 Highest Stakecoin profit holders for that day or week receiving rewards respectively. Or Gifts for most wagered Stakecoin for the day? What do you think?
  5. Yeah flatbetting is better with this strategy Try 99x with 2% on loss but with low basebet. Change seeds and change sides after 2 big hits Flat bet bro. Change seeds every 500 rolls you'll hit it within 10 seed changes. But you should have a good bankroll. Start small. Cheers Yea depends on your basebet. Some gambling sites give 27 red streaks on 2x lol. Stake hasn't given something like that so its cool for now haha
  6. Enzo can i contact you on telegram? Username is Stormshadow_ss
  7. If you lose.. 1 loss or 2 losses? 1 loss and increase on 14% can get you wrecked fast
  8. My favorite is hunting 198x after seeing a 990x. It always comes within 400 rolls.. If it doesn't then a higher payout is on its way and fast.. Like.. Lets say 400x. Its fun but dice still rolls too slow. My second favorite is 4.3x with 4.66 on loss with a high basebet.. Good profit after 2 or 3 minutes haha.. Just let it run and if you bust.. Oh well.