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  1. 22% 12 ol and - 12on win lol. Best strat
  2. Lol expect btc spike soon
  3. 0.25 btc before Christmas.. Might not be on stake though
  4. Hola amigos, What's your favorite bitcoin wallets? And are fees cheap? I prefer to use coinomi wallet and blockchain wallets. I feel coinbase and luno are too strict lol
  5. Lol i all in alot. Regret it sometimes... Others i don't
  6. Well.... Not just keno. I noticed posts of people's bet with 6 greens having way higher than my payout, even if the risk settings are at high. If I hit 6 greens my payout is 13x. But i noticed others having way higher payouts on hitting 6 greens. What the hell does it mean? I'm guessing the higher your vip level, the higher your payouts. Is that correct or is it just my guess?
  7. Yea i agree with you. There are times i try to chase a loss and end up regretting. Not a good feeling You have a point
  8. After a loss... Do you deposit to recover that loss or just let it go and start all over? In my experience I see lots of loss chases which leads to more loss. Heck I've even seen someone sell his laptop just to depo to recover and cover losses lol. What do you think?
  9. Overall I'm in stalemate.... Well about 0.3btc in profit but that sounds like stalemate to me
  10. Seeing the series "Money Heist". Really intrigued
  11. Yea i think blackjack is the best game for recovery after 10% bankroll loss
  12. Lol that sounds like something i experience alot
  13. Not my favorite game but i think Blackjack Is the easiest game and compatible for any bankroll. Maybe because of its 0.4% house edge but i noticed its extremely easy. What is your opinion on the easiest game to play on stake?
  14. This almost looks like it should be 10k prize lol