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  1. Haha
    St0rmshad0w reacted to zulfandina in Easiest game/Game compatibility (Opinion)   
    I don't think there are games that are easy to play and are looking for some win ... there is only luck ...
    luck with you in the hunt you do, then whatever game you play in the bet, then you will win it .. but sometimes humans still have greed and greed ... if victory has taken sides and the target has been reached .. then stop ... make a withdrawal ... then it's better than continuing the hunt and ending in destruction ... losing all the coins you have ... 🤦🤦
  2. Thanks
    St0rmshad0w got a reaction from Tomki in [Stream Tomki's][PL/ENG] Goal to 3000.0 DOGE!   
    Gogo bro. Lets see
  3. Thanks
    St0rmshad0w reacted to Kinou in Dice slow roll (Suggestion)   
    I think the speed of the Dice is correct. Auto-bet + Instant bet is really good. I have the time to lose my money. More fast = bust faster in my opinion. I would be good if Stake add an option, like you said. Speed 1x -1.5x - 2x or 10x? It would be crazy 10x speed, specially during the race.
    With regards, Kinou
  4. Love
    St0rmshad0w reacted to Okseo122 in Stake should have its own coin "Stakecoin" or "Staketoken" suggestion   
    Ohh yeah it would be so much fun to play on Stake with Stakecoin. 
  5. Haha
    St0rmshad0w reacted to NisiBoy in Stake should have its own coin "Stakecoin" or "Staketoken" suggestion   
    not bad idea its really good for stake
  6. Love
    St0rmshad0w got a reaction from nikowin88 in Stake should have its own coin "Stakecoin" or "Staketoken" suggestion   
    Having a - casinocoin - could be a lot of fun. Contests should be held that would give rewards for daily and weekly winners.. Contests like
    Top 10 Highest Stakecoin profit holders for that day or week receiving rewards respectively. 
    Gifts for most wagered Stakecoin for the day? 
    What do you think? 
  7. Haha
    St0rmshad0w reacted to htetaungxx in What's your favorite dice strategy? With reasons please   
    I have nothing special stretegy to play dice. But I always write down in test when it's hit 1000x, 5000x and 9900x. Because I just happen 9900x will comeout same seed number more than twice, example 9900x is hit in 10000 seed number, it will come again 19900 or 20000 seed number. that's was happen twice  when i was playing only dice. 
  8. Haha
    St0rmshad0w reacted to Xylber in Stake should have its own coin "Stakecoin" or "Staketoken" suggestion   
    Long time ago I also had a similar idea: a fantasy coin "StakeCoin" for the casino, not minable, centralized, even may be not a cryptocurrency.
    The idea was to make this "Stake Coin" always worth 1 dollar, and make it exchangeable in-site by the coin you had.
    Example, 1 BTC can be changed here on Stake for 10000 StakeCoins, back and forth.
    So, if you wanted to sell BTC because it is going down, or buy because it is going up, instead of cashing out from Stake, and send it to an exchange, you can do it here.
    The problem with this idea is that Stake would be paying from their own pockets if everybody change their cryptos to Stakecoins, and tomorrow all cryptos fall. It add a risk factor.
    So now I'm just asking for giftable coupon for friends and family.
  9. Haha
    St0rmshad0w reacted to wngo123 in What's your favorite dice strategy? With reasons please   
    Here is what I use very often. I set green at 30% and then go from 1 satoshi and double the bet amount after each red bet until it reaches green. You can go very long with this strategy until you get many reds and bust but when i see that many reds are coming I cheat sometimes and don't double bet amount. Strategy works for a while to build up balance and it's ok to use even when you don't have large balance thats why I like it.
  10. Haha
    St0rmshad0w reacted to Kinou in What's your favorite dice strategy? With reasons please   
    I like to chase a 49.50x payout, it’s really fun. But when I play on Dice it’s because I need to recover, so I make a lot of prerolls, and after I all-in in 1.25x... I tried 10 times (without balance), I would have won 10 times...
    With regards, Kinou.
  11. Ethereum
    St0rmshad0w reacted to SLFJ in Stake should have its own coin "Stakecoin" or "Staketoken" suggestion   
    Stakecoins and Primecoins, imagine, just imagine...
  12. Haha
  13. Haha
    St0rmshad0w reacted to Enzo in Public? Or private tip?   
    Just curious what everyones opinion is on tipping and whether they do it publicly or privately.
    I tend to tip privately and I like to receive them privately as well. Me and my friends often share coins between each other and for awhile I'd send tips publicly just to show off  But I got a lot of friend requests.
    What do you prefer? Public or Private?
  14. Love
    St0rmshad0w reacted to Tomki in What's your favorite dice strategy? With reasons please   
    Hello, dear forum users! 👋
    Meh my favorite strategy on dice is a lot.
    3x payout with increase 100% on loss on dice. It's was my frist favourite strategy.
    I share other my strategy on dice:
    220x payout with 100 satoshi satoshi bet - you can win 22000 satoshi btc but very dangerous and risk.
    9900x payout with 10 satoshi satoshi bet - try sometimes and check your luck with your prize 99000 satoshi btc, it's very rare because you need bet 99.99 or 100.00 roll on dice.  
  15. Love
    St0rmshad0w reacted to Xantys in Dice slow roll (Suggestion)   
    The current speed is apparently maximum what the servers can do. Otherwise those options would have been implemented long time ago.
    Do you think the House doesn't want higher speed? They want it more than any player cause faster speed means faster profits.
    Apparently they need to invest more into hardware to increase the capacity but it will take time, as investments come from profits.
    So, for now, accept it as it is.
  16. Haha
    St0rmshad0w reacted to won2018 in Most waggered crypto   
    I love playing doge because it's a cheap coin, and in my opinion the most frightening crypto is BTC, maybe it's caused by the development of BTC prices that are too crazy every year, and I've been following that development from 2012, the bitcoin exchange rate so far this year continues moving fluctuatively, the value of going down and going up is significant. But at the end of the year, this virtual money is even predicted to touch US $ 10,000 per chip.
    Quoting bitcoin.com in 2012 the value of bitcoin is only in the range of US $ 5 - US $ 7 per chip. In 2013 the value of bitcoin was in the range of US $ 10 - US $ 300.
    In 2014 the value of bitcoin was recorded at US $ 700 but by the end of the year it had dropped to US $ 300 per chip. Entering 2015 bitcoin recorded US $ 200 and at the end of 2015 recorded US $ 420 per chip. 2016 bitcoin prices are US $ 450 per chip and year-end US $ 950.
    2017 is the golden age of this virtual currency. Initial trade of the year opened at US $ 970 per chip. But 2017 is not over yet, the value of bitcoin is almost close to US $ 10,000 which is around US $ 9,566 per chip.
    and I read it from several sources that Bitcoin has jumped more than 753% so far this year. Then 40,000% in just five years, that's really scary right, Staker ?!
    Goodluck Staker!
  17. Haha
    St0rmshad0w reacted to Enzo in Most waggered crypto   
    I guess in terms of coin amount, my most wagered is Doge because I've wagered 1m+ doge coins. But in fiat value, I think i've wagered the most with BTC. Over 4.4 BTC wagered so far and I plan on making it even more soon. 
  18. Thanks
    St0rmshad0w got a reaction from bitman007 in Technically Bitcoin Price At Risk Of More Downsides Below $11,200   
    It shouldn't reduce below 10k this year... Hopefully lol
  19. Thanks
    St0rmshad0w reacted to dustyz in St0rmshad0w in the building yo   
    hey welcome gl to you!
  20. Thanks
    St0rmshad0w reacted to exxoticxTV in St0rmshad0w in the building yo   
    Nice to meet you have fun and good luck!
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    St0rmshad0w reacted to AntonBr00k in St0rmshad0w in the building yo   
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    St0rmshad0w reacted to heren133 in St0rmshad0w in the building yo   
    welcome to stake
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    St0rmshad0w reacted to sorcebet in St0rmshad0w in the building yo   
    Welcome in stake
  24. Thanks
    St0rmshad0w reacted to angel67 in St0rmshad0w in the building yo   
    welcome! and good luck