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  1. Its 10% Click on your name -> Affiliate -> Campaigns Im sure you can negotiate it later on
  2. Gambling with big coins like btc/bch/eth and even ltc can be very confusing and awkward. What i would like to see is denomination option like on bitmex.com Somewhere in advanced options to not confuse new players: So 0.01 BTC would be: 10mXBT (mili-Bitcoin) 10000 μXBT (micro-Bitcoin) 1,000,000 XBt (satoshi)
  3. Bet under 5, increase 6,5% Caclulate bese bet on https://dicesites.com/tools Should be around 230-240 bets buffer Can run for days
  4. Pay lines are bit weird. I dont know why number 6 and 7 arent thing. This are paylines from book of dead. Below is dog house slot paylines. I dont know what is more optimal. I tried 11 and 13 but cant make up my mind what is better. For me there are too many low paying symbols in this slot and pay lines are very strange to me.
  5. They are epic, but the pay table isnt that good compared to real slots. Too many trash symbols, premiums dont pay that good. And bonus feels underwhelming
  6. TRX is in DOGE and XRP category. We need something between LTC and XRP (in terms of USD value). BNB/ETC/EOS would be perfect.
  7. Big wins should have higher usd value. Also add rare wins - big wins with low chance of winning
  8. Did any one receive that VIp monthly coupon?