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  1. They are epic, but the pay table isnt that good compared to real slots. Too many trash symbols, premiums dont pay that good. And bonus feels underwhelming
  2. TRX is in DOGE and XRP category. We need something between LTC and XRP (in terms of USD value). BNB/ETC/EOS would be perfect.
  3. Big wins should have higher usd value. Also add rare wins - big wins with low chance of winning
  4. Did any one receive that VIp monthly coupon?
  5. The highest lose streak here for me was 14. On luckygames (rigged as fk) - 23 reds in a row every day is normal.
  6. On telegram there was a post on 10 of September. "ETA two weeks"
  7. I love the new VIP tab where you can see your rakeback and progress. What im missing is % and maybe usd value
  8. Can we have more autobet options? Like start every X loses or every Y streak of loses. Stop if ballance is over/under X coins The only thing stopping me from switching to stake is the poor autobet UI.