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  1. Haha
    IalwaysGetRekt got a reaction from Mae1 in Why you love Dice?   
    because i hate it
  2. Haha
  3. Bitcoin
    IalwaysGetRekt reacted to FilipN in Stop falling for scams!   
    Hello stake family,
    Please stop getting scammed by disgusting people that try to steal your personal information by impersonating one of our staff members. 
    Our official emails are always ending with @stake.com for example support@stake.com
    So if you see an email such as stake.supp@gmail.com saying that to avoid a suspension you need to provide certain personal information such as 2FA codes and such please do not do it. 
    Best regards stake family. 🍀

  4. Love
    IalwaysGetRekt reacted to blockbet in Introducing Betsesh - the Stake Bet History Viewer for JSON files   
    Hello world - Have you ever tried to find that amazing bet you made from a Stake archive file only to get discouraged due to all the enclosed data? JSON files aren't quite human-friendly and can be a major pain to sort through. Through this project collaboration between @Edward and myself, we aim to make this process much easier and enjoyable for all Stakers. Introducing Betsesh - The Stake Bet History Explorer. Using this new platform, you can now easily view your bet history by simply uploading your JSON-format bet archive files and clicking import. It's literally that easy. I've also set up the ability to filter/search/sort your bet results so that you can easily find those diamond bets that you've been looking for. This makes it great to use for things like Stake Challenges! Below are some of the key features included with the initial release:

    + v1.0 FEATURES (initial release)
    Ability to sort + filter + search results to make it easier to pinpoint the bets you are looking for Advanced multi-sort feature allowing to sort by more than one column simultaneously Type a name of a name (ie. keno) into search to display bets for that particular game Upload multiple JSON bet sessions to view more bets together  Game-specific results for each bet, which can be accessed by clicking the green plus symbol on each row Ability to upload Primedice archive files to view in the Stake Explorer For the best experience, please use the PD Bet History Viewer: https://betsesh.com/pd Quick link for each bet to view bet directly at Stake Verify bet link for each row to make it easy to verify fairness OFFICIAL SITE LINK (Updated 2/14/20)
    Please keep in mind that the platform is currently in beta - With this being said, all feedback and suggestions are welcome! I'd like to make this as useable as possible for Stake players, so please let me know if there's anything that would accommodate this. I will continue to update this thread with any new features and/or major releases for the Stake Bet Viewer. We've got some exciting plans for this platform in the near future, so stay tuned for some insightful additions!
    -- BB

  5. Love
    IalwaysGetRekt reacted to Bojana in Eddie Weekend Stream + Giveaway   
    Hello, Stakers 👋

    Congrats to all the winners this week!!! 🤓 Another successful Saturday behind us, so Happy Bday, cloned Eddie in a white T-shirt! 💖
    Bojana's Picks this week were:

    *20 - sheenazbay
    *28 - respektvlad
    *9 - Eugene265
    *6 - Tanisha2018
    *9 - MisterLuck
    *18 - khoaiks01
    *14 - jennyjen  
    Jelena's Picks this week were: 

    *23 - Atyler34
    *33 - veleten
    *3 - arkadian93
    *34 - chad16
    *35 - autosbd
    *30 - Mikewoo1137
    *29 - henkes31
      Mirela's Picks this week were:

    *20 - ausm
    *37 - cdot
    *36 - InspectorC
    *8 - pratikbaba
    *1 - Askungen69
    *40 - bluechampions
    *45 - Raikage

      Steve's Picks this week were:

    *16 - Ayam99
    *36 - HardyX
    *27 - Gretchen25
    *35 - fdokfo
    *27 - Chicotripa
    *12 - Waves
    *44 - IalwaysGetRekt 

      Maja's Picks this week were:

    *16 - sulllt
    *3 - QueenBee214
    *12 - Ramiroshi35
    *39 - Dhavy
    *40 - N0rm9999
    *42 - voldy
    *20 - Lovelyman  
    Random Winners this week were:

    *675 - edwinouj
    *574 - Tamaco
    *826 - Fred31
    *242 - legitfree
    *85 - GoGoGamblers
    *1083 - AstraBitcoins
    *908 - kamukamu
      Congrats again to everyone who won a prize this time, as well as the Raffle winners 🏆🎊 Cheers to the weekend!
  6. Bitcoin
    IalwaysGetRekt got a reaction from JacksonPalmer in Eddie Weekend Stream + Giveaway   
  7. Haha
    IalwaysGetRekt reacted to Wes_Ya_Bish in Do you guys prefer a pretty face or a good body?   
    For me it depends. If it’s a one or two night stand, I’m going for the best body I can have the most fun with for that time. Face doesn’t matter too much bc it’s going to be in the pillow half of the time. If I’m looking for growth and development then obviously face because who wants to date a woman they aren’t even attracted to and can’t have face to face sex with 🙂 
  8. Haha
    IalwaysGetRekt reacted to Bojana in Favorite song lyrics? 💜✨🎵   
    I will keep on delivering more, gracias 😘✨🤗🙌
  9. Thanks
    IalwaysGetRekt got a reaction from Dave1280 in Currency expansion   
    Just not Tether use any other stanie coin. 

    The company is a scam. Google it
    they print coins out of thin air
  10. Wow
    IalwaysGetRekt reacted to xtinepink in ​ 🎃 [5 LTC] Halloween Charades | Costume Challenge ​🎃   
    Pandemic - The Infected Nurse 😆🤣
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