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  1. congrats bro for your big win. wish you happy new year in advance. how did i guessed that mine will be all the first row?
  2. i prefer low if its more than 200x. and high if its lower than 200x. i have seen many low ticket for higher payout. high ticket hardly hits. good luck brother
  3. what are you telling dude. what site has shut down?? are you talking about bet 365??? when did this happen? i also love to see that stake being the no. 1 sports betting site
  4. yeah eddie is a awesome. He always has something in his sleep. just we need to wait for the new year. Wish you happy new year in advance bro. Hope you will make profit 1btc
  5. There is lots of think about stake made me happy. I made 5$ into 70$. in the same day i won 50$ btc giveaway from juicy stream. also. Also i got rain tip of 20$. Thats insane profit man. i sometimes rip in mine also profit sometime this is the first time i heard some one got 5x scatter. congrats man.
  6. bro i think you did not see the post date. Its long way back in 2017. Probably 3 years old post. Happy new year in advance bro 😁😁😁
  7. Rakeback is the help in need. i always wanted to become broze vip. Now i am in 80%. hope Bronze is coming very soon good luck bro, hope you make lots of money and happy new year in advance
  8. when i lose money, i try to recover but most of the time i i lose more money. yesterday i lost half of my money playing jackpot game. then i got any and went all in on crash 2x. that mofo crash crash at 1.94x. how ridiculous. its a trash game
  9. For me slot is a another boring game which sucks away all money. Slot game is a money hungry game.
  10. when you have atleast 500$ worth coin, then it is enough for cashout. But there is a catch. untill you save upto 500$ if you do rage bet, then there is a chance that you might lose all the money. TLDR: when you feel like you need to cashout. just cashout. Dont think too much
  11. gg man. martingle with 4x... thats a huge risky method. unless you want to profit for a small amount of time
  12. 2 Keno: KENO: 13,624,669,981 placed by mhasandx on 31/12/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 180x Profit 0.00017900 0 KENO: 13,629,816,570 placed by mhasandx on 31/12/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 26x Profit 0.00002500 2 KENO: 13,630,685,777 placed by mhasandx on 31/12/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 180x Profit 0.00017900 0 KENO: 13,634,426,703 placed by mhasandx on 31/12/2019 Wagered 0.00000500 Multiplier 26x Profit 0.00012500
  13. 11. 19 moderator 77kdub AlphaStorm CaptainLorca Faris Flansca Hui Kristoffff Luizoruivo Maverick528 Neich Rack001 Robear Shinjo ThugStream Truemeng Wryy Xtinepink Zoltan Zuxelo 2. crash game 3 slots , crash and spots book 4. these icons are used at the promotion of stake 5. Dusan, Darko, maja , katarina 6. blue one 7. wishing stake a happy new year. Hope in the coming 2020 year stake become the top no.1 crypto casino. i like to play here stake because of their user friendly support and various promotion . sometimes i made profit sometimes i rip from the promotion money. i will become vip by the end of first week january . Stay blessed stake and we all love the supporters
  14. Торговля также является одним из видов ставок. однажды я торговал XRP / USDT. купил 31XRP при цене 0,2100. теперь я жду, чтобы продать его по цене 0,25. Это был месяц. XRP цена вряд ли растет.
  15. Если вам трудно делать ставки, кто станет победителем. Тогда я могу предложить вам сделать ставку на другом рынке. такие как азиатская линия, азиатский гандикап. эти рынки самые любимые для меня. Вы можете посмотреть видео об этих условиях на YouTube. Также посмотрите баскетбольный мяч и поставьте одну баскетбольную игру.