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  1. i had unexpected win on Keno.. was about to bust with autobet but Luckyly i hit 67x . went from 1$ to 70$ btc
  2. welcome bro. watch for telegram contest bro
  3. thanks for this giveaway . Really appreciate steve
  4. Never used the vault. Because if i bust, i will get angry and end up using my vault. Its better lose everyting at once. no tension... if there is something in the vault. i would have tension that how can i recover my loss
  5. Nope only this site.. I used gamble on CSGO gambling sites. after the trade ban, i moved in to crypto gambling site. SO far stake is the best option for me
  6. I use Dice with 98% chance. i think its more cool than plink my ass
  7. I got blacklisted by rainbot. Knocked the support but they are not telling me the truth about my blacklisting. As a result for past week rainbot excluded me from rain. So be carefull. though i do not spam like you said. Maybe i am thinking leaving stake. its no fun if u do not get something from rain. Right guys???
  8. What kimchi in the first place. can you explain?
  9. never won any telegram challenge.. i its still fine for me
  10. what is faucet boost. Did not they disabled thhat function