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  1. this is exclusive for vips only? ow that is unfair, i cant afford large amount of deosit but still i am active on stake, should have option for non vip aswell, thats completely unfair..hope all of us can try this even little for those who are not vip yet, i believe that time will come after accumulated depoasit, everbody will be vip too, so why this is only for vip? this is an alternate for faucet i think, should be available to active player too.
  2. i play in office, and at home with my free time, less than 1 hr at home,8 hrs in the office anytime, as long as i have balance home office and cafe pc in the office and cafe,mobile at home what does this mean? if you mean with my family or friends , i want to play with my friend not my family, i dont want them to suffer likeme. 1 per household is enough,
  3. ayun n nga, si leo ay naadik sa sugal, ndi lng sya minsan maglaro , sobrang naadik n sya arawaraw ko sya nakikita, pra bang gusto nya mabawi ung natalo sa kanyang pera, natuto nrin syang magdrugs, tito ko la eh tulak ng droga,at ang pera sa lugar nmin kdalasang galing sa droga, si leo madami parin pera soncecoast guard nga sya, pero onti onti n naisasanla ang mga gamit nya kagaya ng sapatos ,relos at ibat ibang mga naipundar, minsan narinig ko na biruan ng mga tambay samin na drawing nlng daw lahat nga naipundar na, literal n ginuhit o tinrace nya sa pader ang mga gamit nya,d pa natapos ang kaadikan nya sa sugal, at droga, hanggang matanggal sya or suspende sa pag ka coast guard, sobrang ang pinagbago ng itsura at pangangatawan nya, minsan nkakalaban ko sya nung ako ay lasing, isinanla nya sakin ang kanyang relo upang makapaglaro, umabot ng 7k , ngunit ndi ny binigay ung relo sakin at sya pa ang galit at ako ay inaambhan ng baril, naiisipko nlng n kapag ako ang bumunot ng baril s kany ay sisiguraduhin kong babagsak sya, pero ndi ko ginawa at hinayaan ko nlng s dyos ang utang nya.ipagpapatuloy...
  4. Karamihan sa atin iniisip na ang pagsusugal ay isang libangan lamang , Libangan nga ba ? Ang isugal mo ang pera na dpat pambili nalang ng pangkain Mo sa pamilya mo? Umaasa sa swerte ? Paano kung hindi ka swertehin? San ka kukuha ng pambili nyo nalang sana ng pangkain?? Oo , minsan may dulot na maganda at kasiyahan ang sugal nayan Pero minsan mapapaisip kna lang , sana hindi ko sinugal ung Natitira kong pera para sa pangkain namin siguro hindi nalipasan ng gutom Ang pamilya ko SUGAL ? SOMETIMES ITS BETTER PARA SA MGA TAONG SUMUSUGAL SA BUHAY NAGBABAKASALI NA BAKA LUMAGO ! PERO MINSAN MAS NAKAKASIRA SA BUHAY NG TAO LALO NA SA MGA PAMILYADO !!! ❤ THANKYOU
  5. When you try to pay off loans, but something inside you is always stopping and making ways. Then you just end up with a pile of loans. I guess money problems doesn't go away with people like us. 😔When I realized that I'm a compulsive gambler, I looked at my life and what I have been through and I truly believe that this go beyond just gambling. It's so sad. I ask myself what decisions I have made that could have been different if I wasn't sick.
  6. Hey lovely people! 🌿 So my dad has a had a gambling problem for the last three years and resulted in my parents divorcing ect. Now he is telling us he is still waiting to be accepted by a rehabilitation centre for four months which sounds good but I have a feeling he might be just trying to put us off.. Anyways during my experience with that addiction ( I was a teenager) I wish I would have known more about it, its signs and how to deal with a problem gambler in the right way. I am a student now and really passionate about helping people that are going through the same as me. I want to prepare the loved ones more, connect them to get the support they need to minimise damage to the family. People forget how important it is that we as the people affected by loved ones addiction get the right support too! So if you would find a few minutes to seriously answer my survey below It would be much appreciated. I need this to collect basic information about where the biggest lack of support that we all need when we go through this is. This survey is obviously anonymous so you just need to click on the link at the bootom. Thank you for your support I much appreciate it ❣️ 1 have you been educated about gambling and how to recognise its signs before it became a topic in your life? a.yes b.no if yes,how , where, and by whom? 2 how are you related to the gambler? 3 how did it effect each family member specially in you case? 4 where did you search for help? 5what was most painful/frustrating about finding help for you? 6what kind of service did you recieve? 7how satisfactory was your experience with the service 8what kind of support did you personally require the most? 9where do you see a lack in quality support that is currently offered?
  7. So today is the day! It’s not that I haven’t said this many a time before so why is it different. It’s not. It’s just I know the control the casinos and slot machines have over me. Yesterday I went and bought myself some clothes something I haven’t done for a very long time. Admittedly it was after a win but I chose not to put it back through the machines. I know the damage that this causes the depression the heartache and the very few highs. So today is the day I’ve made a promise to myself and God Even though I’m not particularly religious.
  8. i think you forget discpline and to be satisfied with what uou made from 5000k..wait what?? 5000? as i remeber minimum payout now is 10k?so this is not for the month of august, i thought this is uptodate, but its ok dude, you should stop at a certain point, u know that casino is a business and its program to get money from player so that owner will profit, sl even of you win 1m, and u stay and didnt stop, casino will always get it back.
  9. yes just post and post , good topics and comment or be active here, contribute with comment and post will give you good payout, minimum payout is 10k average post os give 500 satoshi average comment is 300 satoshi, hope you enjoy ur stay here.
  10. today is not my lucky day, i play just to get little profit around 10 xrp when i deposit 200 xrp, i played roullette betting red, doubling bet after lose, i nver think of this bet could bust all my balance, i lost 200k at first it was good but i gave me just 10 vonsecutive reds and dadan!!! i lost it all, i never dont understand why stake is now so rigged and so hard to win, but im seeing other people winning good bets i hope someone teach me how to win on stale too, i badly need money too, but i always ending up without any, i almost gave up believing god, coz he or she never give me a good life, when other people with many money can win here..just sharing my experince today,
  11. life is a big casino what can you say about life? for me life is a big casino, and everything on it is a game of gambling, every people is playing and betting on their own mini game,they need to choose everyday and make a bet,some people win, some lose, but everday is a new daymeans everyday we have a chance to win and recover what we've lost yesterday,we just need to be sure that we still have some balance left after the bad day, and also to be able to play again and recover,some people take risk in life, betting all they got, some fail making risk, some win, loaing doesnt mean fail, fail only start when we stop trying, like in battle of life, if we choose to stop, means, take our own life or kill ourselves, thats considered a failure, but if we continue, we still have chance to recover,some win on that risk and taht change their life , see the highr the bet and the risk the higher the reward you will get, like it not easy to get like the 5million multiplier, might take you months or years to get it, but atleast you are try, and time will come that u will get it, and when that happen, we all know that it will change your life, and in life, you need to risk everything and try hard to win. easy go lucky people have less chance of becoming sucessful, coz they dont want to go out of theyre comfort zones, their satisfied with what they have, so they take no risk, but nothing will change, time will come and life will give them a test, and we dont know what might happen to this kind of people when they struggle, since they are not used to into peoblems, people made alot of mistakes, i made a lot of mistaje in my life, i will and with no doubt i will contunue betting in life, coz i believe that mistakes teach me alot of lesson and i always look back into every mistake i made , so that when situation happen again, i will have an idea on what to do, and how i will be able to solve every bad situation,i beleieve mistake or rejection is not the end, it is the beggining of learning,i only consider failure when i stop trying, but i have created a character in me,i dont stop from mistakes, peopke make mistakes, genuis make mistakes, even einsein and edison made a lot of mistake before they suceed,you wont learn without mistakes, grwat things , great people are made from mistakes, they made alot of mistake but they dont stop there, even making 1000 tries and mistakes dont stop, you never know the 1001 could be the sucess,you only consider youreself as failure when u stop trying.i once heard a saying " yiu stay allday on a barbershop and time will come , and you will get ur hair done, you will get a haircut" the point is, you keep on tying until u suceed, the only peraon that could give you inspiration is you, puah yourself to be sucessful, noone is stoping you, its your life, choose to be sucessful, this ia why were here on earth . to fight to survive be sucess full in the casino of life.
  12. Base on my history My pabingo smen brgy, lagi ako sumasali kse favorite ko un,nd man ako mrunong tlga sa literal n bingo,eto nmn kse eh my pattern so easy lng xia titignan mo lng ung pattern then dpt alisto ka at mlkas pandinig mo sa mga bola,kse pgnalagpasan ka nganga😫sayang dba?! Unang pbingo sa court nmen sumali ako bibili k ng cards s knila 20 pesos per card, so aun bumibili ako 6cards xyempre my katulong ako magtantos mhirap na hehe kakaduling kse😁so first try ko sawing palad ako then second try sus ok lng kse nanalo din ako,lucky 7 ung game so means 7 numbers n mrun ka s tnwag pnalo ka😂aun nanalo din grocery package😘😘 then 3rd try nganga again😁😁😁 4th try ko na pa wow ako😱😱😱 my god blessings tlga nanalo ako 3rd price oven then 2nd price ako p din😁😁washing machine nman😍😍😍 puro appliances ang price nila😍😍😍 ung last ung block out kinabahan tlga as in sbi ko s srili ko hakot award to kung ako n nmn😂😂 actually isa nlng bingo nko eh letter N un bukod tange ako ang isa nlng😁😁 sbi nga nila "ikw n nmn"😂😂😂 so anu mgagawa ko kung swerte ko that time dba?!😁😁 Aun na sobrang kabog ng dibdib ko😂😂😂awa ng dios nd ako pinalad😂😂😂panu ba nmn puro letter B at I binola so aun cla ang bumingo😂😂😂 kakaadik dba? Lalo na pg nananalo ka😍 blessings tlga tnx god😘
  13. kwento ko lng ang kakilala ko, true story po ito, una ko syang nakilala nung may lamay samin at may sugalan, nag kakaracruz kami, ung tatlong piso hinahagis, meron taga hawak nga taya kaya may tong sa patay, dumating itong taong ito na itatagi natinsa pangalang leo, isa stang coast guard, nakmotor sya, at may baril, tumaya sya maliit lng siguro 200 pesos, mata maya talo na sya, tumaya sya ng walang pera, eh natalo, ang sabi nya sa kalaban nya eh bbalik sya,, eh ung isang kalugar nmin eh maangas, sinabihan sya na " tataya ka wala ka plang pera" , so umalis sya, naka motor, bumalik may dalang 100 thousand pesos, nagwithdraw lng pla, at tagiisang libo, tumaya parin sya, hanggang sa natapos ang laban meron parin sya..maliit lng siguro talo nya..d lalagpas ng 10k, since d nmb tlga madami ang nagsusugal, isa plang akong factory worker nun siguro mga 2013 or 14 un, minsan napadaan ako sa kanto nmin sa chapel malapit, nkita ko sila nagkakara cruz ni kuya arnel, si kuya arnel pla ay kapatid ng babarng mapalad n nkapangasawa nga hapon, at madaming buainess, kya madami din pera si kuya arnel, aun, ang pusta nila ya 2000 , 4000, 8000 . nagulat ako ang daming tagiisang libo, eh may 2000 ako nung, mga panahon na yan d pa ako adik sa sugal, nanuod lng ako ..naisip ko pag tinaya ko ang 2thousand ko eh wala n ako budget pang isang linggo ko pa un, ngayri n nga ay nananalo na si leo ang coast guard, tapos last n pera na ni arnel, naisanla nya na ang kotse nya ng 30thousand tas talo na din sya ng 50thousand so 80k lahat, tapos d pa natapos, last na 3k na eh kumuruz pa ang tira, ngaun nakabawi si arnel, at sa huli ay si arnel pa ang nanalo, natalo ng 100 thousand si leo at jan na ngsimula ang pagkasira ng buhay nya, ipagpapatuloy ko po ang kwento ito, antabayanan nyo lang,
  14. Share ko lng base on my history, Year 2016 ngstart ako mgpa ending it was online ending so mga tumataya skn sa online din..before ako mag start on my own online ending tumataya ako s ibng admin, naadik ako kse my mga conso per quarter so means my pag asa kng manalo,pero sbi nga ng iba swertihan lng, tumaya ako at the first time then i was happy kse i won even per quarter lng, and i never stop taya pdn ako ng taya kse i just want to won for the las quarter hehehe kse nga mas mlki price ng final😂😂 awa ng dios nd ako pinalad, kaya so i decided mag pataya din ako 😂😂😂 hnggng sa dumami na mga bettors ko, mdme n din ako nkilala mbabait ng bettors galing din sa online,masya na nkaka stress minsan kse ung iba pinapavoid ung iba nmn seen kpg singilan😂😂andyn yung cnsabe nila abono is real😂😂😂 pero ok lng parte n un sa ending world😂😂 at kung minsan masaya kse my mga bettors n mababait, mnsan mlki mgbgay ng balato kung minsan nmn pg kulang ok lng s knila un n pinakabalato mo😁ilng beses din na mswerte ako kse wlng tumatama skn, syempre pag no win my pa free raffle ako even 300 to 500 sa final quarter lng, un na pinapakonswelo ko s mga bettors ko,at dumating din sa point na nagstop ako mgpataya kse na preggy ako bawal stress at until now never nko ngpataya kse focus nko s baby ko ako nlng ung tiga taya sknila😂😂😂 yun lng tnx share ko lng...
  15. Haha... Share ko LNG kilala Kong ganyan..titipirin ung pambiling pagkain para lng may maitabing pampuhunan sa sugal..pag may hihiram ng pera sa kanya wala pero makikita mo libo napapatalo sa sugal.ung sugal na pang magdamagan tapos oras ng lutuan ng pagkain di makaluto hanggat may kalaban pa sa sugal kahit gutom na at naiihi di makatayo. Kakain na LNG ng biscuit o chichirya habang nagsusugal wag LNG xang mapalitan😊😊hahaha nakakatawa LNG isipin maraming ganyan..kahit Antok na antok na Basra may kalaban sa sugal mabubuhayan ang diwa..kahit di kalevel ang kalaban go LNG ng go makasugal LNG kahit nga nagmomo na sa bayaran wala pa ring ayawan e, t may mga tao ngang ganito ang ugali, ung iba nga eh binebenta n ang mga gamit may maipang sugal lng.Marami po talagang adik sa sugal ,sa naobserbahan ko din.Doon sa am in kasi,uso ang tong its,kahit hinuhuli ang mag sugal,go parin sila.sa looban ng bahay,maghanap talaga ng Paraan para maka pag sugal,magbenta ng gamit para makapuhunan lng sila.Yun ang ugali ng adik sa sugal?nakakalungkot din isipin.Hirap kumita ng pera,ipang sugal pa talo ang bulsa