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  1. KENO: 14,516,044,467 placed by Doge4me on 14/01/2020 Wagered 0.00165000 Multiplier 350x Profit 0.57585000
  2. when i was newly joined stake i was really curious to know about vip benefits and was playing every races continuesly every day and that was my best days was making good profits on races till my gold star after getting that golt tag my strategies getting failed many times and got down too much now im not playing everyday but trying to evolved in megaraces and challenges
  3. Doge4me

    Best game for high x?

    yes limbo is the best for high multiplier i got more than 19000000x on limbo and won vip challenge 1st rank but my target were 1.01x with 10k bb 😂
  4. yeah most of the vip challenges seems very tough for me so i don't go for it but without any tasks or challenges i loss too much because of greed
  5. so you basically saying that baccarat is good for waggaring in long run straight or you have any strategy to play that? i also don't have much experience in baccarat tried some times but fucked up badly
  6. I am changing strategies everydays never seen any strategy that work good in long term always fucked up at some point. year 2019 is not so good for me lets see how's things goes on 2020
  7. I should take rest after good profit but i don't know why i can't till i bust every time i go up and within a week i bust a too can run away after profit its bad habit for me 😂
  8. SLOTS: 13,275,583,906 placed by Doge4me on 25/12/2019 Wagered 0.00010000 Multiplier 72x Profit 0.00710000 HILO: 13,279,212,380 placed by Doge4me on 25/12/2019 Wagered 0.00008000 Multiplier 25.893199920654297x Profit 0.00199146
  9. you have to complete hilo challenge too good luck for that 😉
  10. LIMBO: 12,106,406,137 placed by Doge4me on 30/11/2019 Wagered 0.00010000 Multiplier 1.0099999904632568x Profit 0.00000100
  11. yeah profits section in stats is removed which is i personally dont like . and today i seened that u can see your stats profit/losses in chatroom by command its not cool for me
  12. Username=> Doge4me honest & short review https://ibb.co/0ySj6Qp
  13. Limboooo.. my best ever favourite game in stake is limbo & dice off course im going pretty well on that dice is good too but when in dice game you can't set payout exactly what you want so i prefer limbo is best on this
  14. yeah but not regular in starting since i joined i was playing every races and ended up with profits but now im losing only on every race so i try to participate in megarace only