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  1. Username=> Doge4me honest & short review https://ibb.co/0ySj6Qp
  2. Limboooo.. my best ever favourite game in stake is limbo & dice off course im going pretty well on that dice is good too but when in dice game you can't set payout exactly what you want so i prefer limbo is best on this
  3. yeah but not regular in starting since i joined i was playing every races and ended up with profits but now im losing only on every race so i try to participate in megarace only
  4. PLINKO: 9,509,856,229 placed by Doge4me on 30/09/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 4x Profit 0.00000300 PLINKO: 9,509,856,721 placed by Doge4me on 30/09/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 4x Profit 0.00000300 PLINKO: 9,509,857,183 placed by Doge4me on 30/09/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 4x Profit 0.00000300
  5. it depends on mood and situation i play with animation if im not in race only for fun but when i play during race i disable animation and enable instant bet for waggaring fast i don't know animation makes rolls slow or not but i feel after disable it runs more fast
  6. hahaha 😄 good question yes i do well i always play games like mad and when I loss my money then i get some seriousness or more madness i want to play well with peace mind but i get crazy very soon as always when i see my money going away sometimes i do successfully overcome with this red streaks at the end but most of times i can't
  7. of course i do even i think all do without deposit passive and enough profits is not possible i think i know stake is giving his users lots of way to earn like rains, forum challenge, daily races but and users getting much profits from this things but at the if any user want to make something good profits deposit is must there is possibilities to good profits from rains can't denie but still we should deposit
  8. a lots of things i think while playing and before starting also like how much target for profits/losses i have to stop what strategy should i play when to stop when not in the whole during of playing game many thoughts will come into my mind but at the end most of time i loss some times i win only im improving my game best of luck to you
  9. my personally opinion on that matter is noooo... because whenever i play any types of sound 🔊 is disturbing for me i like to play lonely with peace mind but yah there is chances to positive effects also playing with friends if friend is also good in game he/she can help at some points if ur getting wrong game
  10. really? well im also user of wazirx but i haven't received any mail in that matter and i think if it happens still i don't feel safe to gamble ir trade publicly because rbi is still stick on his decision case is still pending in court we can't feel free till officially regulation announcement but i would say i don't really scared because we have lots of way to convert into fiat and im sure in coming days government will understand the power of technology power of btc 😉
  11. yes i have that point because i don't play with huge bankroll in casinos so i stop if get enough profit like 10 to 30% of my bankroll and i also have stopping point at loss like 10 to 15% of my bankroll because i know there is no limit to win/loss in casinos better we set a target how much is enough for us to stop sometimes i get crazy playing when i loss in autoroll some extra funds of my target point which is bad habits but im improving gambling skills here gl mates
  12. for sure majority of users in stake is poor don't know exactly how much but almost 70 to 80% users poor/middle class including me and specially most of the rich players don't even come in chatroom so i might be wrong i explained as i seen on all over users seen on chat rooms but its casinos which is known to make rich/poor instant in no times who knows some days 1 of us become rich wish you best of luck to all stakers