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  1. The strategy is called be patient. Play slow, smart and even with low balance everything is possible
  2. DICE: 50,943,070,588 placed by woodyMoney on 24/07/2021 Wagered 0.00414492 Multiplier 1.0102041x Profit 0.00004230 80.00
  3. woodymoney good luck all Eddie said "magenka" but color magenta
  4. around 6k to 7k $ but we will see if I will be able to afford something like that
  5. I started playing with it because I think it's going to hit a big $$ in the future so yes you should invest
  6. MINES: 48,849,925,119 placed by woodyMoney on 03/07/2021 Wagered 0.76041000 Multiplier 189.75x Profit 143.52738750
  7. I am really sorry about that. Don't worry one day everybody will be happy and win big. But remember a win is not a win unless you cash it out!!! Stay safe -woodymoney
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