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  1. woodymoney Eddie: I usually give it to Mikey or Dusan, but they are not here. So it's your job Steve. Steve: "Ez colors, ez colors! The color is green
  2. WoodyMoney Weird lucky colour Fawn
  3. woodymoney orange Eddie to his friend in the call : "Simple but different!"
  4. Username: WoodyMoney Lucky color 🟦
  5. Already tried to spam, you guys didn't notice me. Maybe now is the time to prove you that I would be great mod! username: soullessbretx
  6. WoodyMoney Eddie: " Put the color red" Me: Puts red
  7. Username: woodymoney Color:Violet Eddie be like: "Damn, can't you just say red "
  8. woodymoney smaragdine (greenish color)
  9. woodymoney Lucky color : "Steve" "F*ck it, Steve is a color apparently"-Eddie said
  10. HILO: 52,837,548,042 placed by woodyMoney on 11/08/2021 Wagered 0.00586800 Multiplier 3.7825832x Profit 0.01632820
  11. yeah, sure! account AcCoUnT mAdE fOuR hOuRs AgO
  12. woodymoney One of Edd's friend "Let's the color be Sherwood "okay lets be green"
  13. Well I got some stake buddies but if someone is down we can become stake buddies too :))
  14. My advice is if you don't hit it in 1000 balls just reset it, i had 2 1000x's in 500 balls so mostly is about luck, but i can't wait 32k balls lol 0-0
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