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  1. when playing at stake, do you prefer to play alone at home or gather and play with your friends ? I prefer to play alone so I can focus betting on stake. and avoid playing stake when gathering, why? because when gathered, it is not uncommon to use public wifi that automatically IP will be interrelated with each other and it is feared will be considered as multiple accounts. so... I suggest if gathered, it's better not to use Public Wifi Access how are you guys? ☺️
  2. i love my girl..although not yet got it. (LOL) ☺️
  3. keep going bro.. the first thing I want to accomplish is getting bronze 70% ?! keep the spirit bro ... it's more than half the way to get bronze
  4. thanks for ur information,☺️☺️ thanks for ur information,☺️☺️...but not this week i get th bronze..maybe next month...this month cant be deposit yet..☹️ Likewise with you ... I hope you get a bonze soon too
  5. not because of a system error. because the balance hasn't been filled yet ... ☺️ and anyone knows, how many bonuses are given support when you first reach the bronze level ?? thanks
  6. In the gambling world, the winner is the one who earns more than the deposit ... I mean someone who can hold his emotions when he loses, and is able to stop when his profit target is reached does not linger in the game, making emotions rise and eventually lose again ☺️
  7. at the moment I'm more focused on some of this anime / manga. One Piece Boku No Hero Academia Attack On Titan, and rather than watching anime. if in my opinion, it's better to read the manga..this is the reason: 1. The episode / chapter in the manga is further ahead than the anime. 2. we can assume, think about the next episode / chapter..searching a spoiler (LOL), while the anime spoiler doesn't need to think hard, searching ... just look at the manga ... that's my opinion
  8. look at current events such as COVID-19 (not only COVID-19, it might also be able to help others who are affected by a disaster). what if "stake.com" opens a donation channel to help others. only 1 doge, considering the number of players who play on "stake", I think it's easy to find 100 doge in a day. imagine if a month?
  9. klo dibilang punya tuyul brapa,sbenernya punya,,tapi jarang dipake...itupun gara2 gw kaga tau klo dah punya akun sebelumnya... dan yg lebih buat jengkel,, gw kena "mute evasion" dengan alasan ada pengguna yg maen di warnet tempat gw kerja "ketauan sering ngemis ke support n punya banyak tuyul". n "mute evasion" tsb bisa dinonaktifkan setelah si empunya tuyul yg nyebabin akun gw kena "mute" ngirim KYC ke support...( yaa sama aja boong lha.....) dampaknya semua akun tmen gw yg kumpul di sini n pernah pake IP sini bonus reloadnya jadi kecil..
  10. kalo boleh tau, perkiaan bonus tiap kenaikan level itu berapa? thanks ☺️
  11. how do you feel when you "will" reach the bronze level? when this thread was created, my vip progress had reached 87.81% and only needed 12.19%.
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