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  1. Very nice and Congrats to the big win.
  2. i want to get to Gold for VIP i am silver atm and really want GOLD,.
  3. I enjoy the casino for the excitement but get carried away and burnt out and like to be at home instead eventually.
  4. think that this is more than needed but good idea,.
  5. i think this he should have at least gotten a smaller or cheaper house not even saving any Btc at all. Lmao, maybe he got his btc when it was like $5 a coin.
  6. It would be very hard to do! getting greedy and making large risky bets usually get the best of'em. If a person has good self-control it might work.
  7. i have had like 20 losses in a row at 50% therefore the it might be a bust
  8. I once had a coupon that i forgot to use and used it in the middle of the week and won 9th for like 22 xrp just from the coupon which was for like 75k sats.
  9. Ive gotten 1.5 eth also got 320k sats twice which was very nice. i think i had wagered like 2 btc each time for that though.