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  1. Lets not kid anyone here, A good % of stake users are from US/UK/AUS and 'owners' are aware of it. Not gonna name any names but take a look at regular stake affiliated streamers and u will find some
  2. I dont know rigged or not but in my games dealer gets first card 10 almost always like 8/10 hands he will have 10 start card Hard to beat that and win
  3. while everyone is expecting big giveaways and im sure that will happen i would also like some new things to be added and old ones to be upgraded examples- maybe a new stake original game ? improvement in sports offerings especially esports(prop bets etc) more smooth chat maybe even a new stake logo ? every company upgrades their logo eventually and stake is bigger then ever so why not now Personally i love the daily telegram challenges and nowadays stake userbase is very big but the winners are still 10. would love for it to be 15 And a big stream by our lovable eddie as always and maybe support stream too! been a long time for that
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