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  1. This is awesome, yeah this strat is fun, but can give you nice profit. All depends of base bet. :-) cool to see it. sometimes you got it in 600 rolls sometimes 10 000 rolls (6 in a row streak), my best one was after 630 rolls.
  2. Heya Stakers πŸ‘‹ It very often happens that we have a fairly small account balance. I have a lot of fun for you at DICE. In general, the strategy is completely automatic and we may have several versions of it which I will present below. 1st - in the first version, we are looking for 4 wins in a row (simle streak). Each win increases the base bet by 400%. Stop on profit after 4 wins in a row. Multiplier x6 or x8 (x6 first). 2nd - same but we looking for 5 in a row - stop on profit after 5 wins streak - mutilplier x8 or more (higher multi, higher risk)
  3. 1. Yes 2. Yes 3. 3rd party providers got different RNG system then Stake, so that's not apply to 3rd party games
  4. SLOTS: 34,899,322,371 placed by Mistaker on 24/01/2021 Wagered 0.00010000 Multiplier 163.615x Profit 0.01626154
  5. That's good question. I stop at 15k sato in loss. Never do more losses.
  6. true. never use it in long term
  7. Thank You @AnnieGrace First of all - asks like "how many rolls" make no sense. Why? That's easy. All depends of server and client seed. Nothing more. Once You can hit it in 300 rolls, other time in 7000, but .... Yeah try to remeber, in this strategy we looking for 77000 multiplier and very very hard win streak, so all depends of luck. However, smallest streaks (3-5 in a row) durring hunt give You small extra money. That allows You to hunt more. I hope you got it πŸ˜‰. Well if You want, You can use smallest multi and hunt for smallest multiplier (cumulative multipilier - smaller
  8. Can't predict it. Remeber you looking for 77000x so around 200k satoshi for 20 satoshi base bet
  9. 7 in a row happend too but my stop on profit was on 6 in a row, still nice
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