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  1. Mistaker BLUE picked or not picked .... that is the question
  2. Mistaker green not lucky 😞
  3. Mistaker purple i feel this time it will be this first time 🙂
  4. There is no strat for plinko. You can only think there is. Plinko is Pascal Triangle game, there is no way to predict any results. On 11 raws you can roll 10k rolls and don't hit x120, on 16 raws you can roll 300k rolls and don't hit 1000x, any strat make no sense. This is pure luck game. Just read how RNG works.
  5. @wszechmogacyand rest all, i don't want Polish chat on stake
  6. Do you have any funny Stake stories like - once upon a time for fun .... ?
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