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  1. There is so many strategy on slots. Slots are most popular game since 1887. First slot machine was based on poker game. But not everyone understand how hard game it is. Slots is completely unpredictible. U can win huge $$$$ or lost it all. All depends of your luck. Everyone who play "Slots" shoud watch movie witch is below. Watch this very good intro to "Slots" https://www.youtube.com/embed/-t_ZP3u8DfY I hope it was useful to everyone.
  2. 1. Birthday coud be date that user acount was created. 2. To solve problem of multiaccounts birthday is only for account that deposit some amount and have no less then ...... bet's on account. That will be great
  3. Part of challenge is "post id on chat" if you are to slow you don't win, that's best way
  4. Game is very cool, but there is something what is missing. 1. When u choosing payline u must choos 1,2,3,4,5, etc. It woud be perfect to give player witch line he/she want's to play, for example, 5,12,13,20,12 (5 pay lines but not in specyfic order). 2. Payline on top. It will be perfect to have possibility (can be as option) to enable something like this. As a option ofcourse. What u think stakers?
  5. Eddie like ppl on stake, i'm sure he has something cool for all players
  6. Slots is fun and cool, That's for sure, but profit?? hymm 13 pin plinko is similar to Slots. Imagin u playing slots like u play in plinko, only changing pin's from 11-16 high risk. Basicly same, but slots have one simple thing x10 000 multiplier with chance similar to 1000xKENO or 16/8 MINES or x10000LIMBO. It's like all in once. Cool and difrent
  7. LOL, it's obvious that delay have something to do with Slots. Meaby this monthly promo will be something cool. Just wait, and see what is going on.
  8. i waintg for slots too. Holding special coins for it
  9. Buying? Selling a lot of it. We will see lower price levels.