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  1. It's easy, if x99 don't show up after 150 rolls, that's mean it's not your time to hit it. Change seed or try in other game.
  2. Sometimes it comes in first 200 rolls, but it's all depends of seed, and luck ofcourse. But moste of time it comes in first 2k rolls.
  3. Hey, I think it will be awsome to make some changes in Telegram Challenge. 1. One crazy task for 11 price, something like for example: - Plinko - x1000 with bet ID ending 77 with minimum 0,00000001 bet i any currency, - Mines - x56000 win bet, - Limbo - x100000 win bet, and many more . Time from start challenge to end challenge. Win coud be around 20$ for enyone who hit it. It will be awsome. 2. Give simple rule for posting non wining ID on chat (mute for 48h for everyone who do it). It will be much easyer for everyone - users and hosts.
  4. Mines is best for hunting. If u don't hit in first 5k rolls, just change seed or your bet set. If u hunting for x450K or more, best is 15K rolls on same bet set. That's best work for me
  5. There is some seeds they don't give you any high multipliers in first 10000 rolls. Just wait and roll. There is no way to predict witch seed is good or bad. Just try and try
  6. well we still have own stats, but it's marketing move or big users will
  7. There is no strategy on SLOTS. Slots are allways luck or not. All depends on luck in SLOTS
  8. My high unique bet MINES: 11,528,439,379 placed by Mistaker on 15/11/2019 Wagered 0.00000000 Multiplier 2022550x Profit 0.00000000
  9. @madcoin can you add sound on hit and posibility to copy link to wining bet? This is great bot
  10. I waiting for this. It can be as "ultra high risk" option