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  1. There is no such thing. Your seed i only good or bad for some games/settings/roll. So it's true and not.
  2. @Raikage check this my secound post If you got quetions just ask.
  3. @Vanci client seed, game and settings in game is your fate on Stake. Seeds are your resoults.
  4. Look If you use same client seed many times with diffrent server seeds, you can see something intresting. We can build conspiracy theory about it Just be aware how it works. understanding is first step to "Playing smarter".
  5. Not only that, there is much more.
  6. Heya Stake players. I very often see questions about the seed. It's important to know that there is no such thing as a good seed or a bad seed. Why? There is simple answer, and we try to check it. We will check it on a simple example. Before we start, please take a look at this post. There you will learn the method of calculating the results, but there is something else, and will talk about that. Let's start from the beginning. What Stake need to give you resoults? Look at this picture. Now, everyone can see, how it's works. Let's check it, on simple exmaple. Last time i hit on Limbo x 1 000 000 multiplier. We will check this bet on other games, see what will happend. 1. LIMBO x1000000 2. DICE x9900 3. Plinko - x2 So, as you all can see now, all depends of game/settings and number of rolls. Client/Server Seeds is part of equations, not the whole equation. Your strategy with seeds is only small part of our winings.
  7. There is no good or bad seed. After you set seeds pair you also choose game and settings. Seeds pairs can be good for some games and settings, in other game same seeds pairs are disaster. So good or bad seeds don't exist, just bad luck with choosing game and settings. That's all in this topic, that you can say.
  8. Thanks, I hope it help everyone for better understanding Stake Originals games
  9. @opscan you can take any strategy and will be good for your seeds or no. One way or another, logn shot=bust becouse of house edge. Just need to know when to stop.