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  1. I like that recipients are back in tip log. I don't like that notifications are now buried under Account. I liked my username more than generic account. I thought it was more "up front" when the house edges were listed under the games, now you have to hit a button. Good luck with the improvements and thanks for making Stake better!
  2. wryy Looks like I missed the party, but this was a great event, huge prizes handed out!
  3. Thanks for this useful post! I looked at it and realized it was going to take awhile, thanks for calculating exactly how long it *should* take! Kudos to all who complete it!
  4. Freedom is good. If people want to spend their money to mine BTC and ETH good for them. If this is bad for the environment, increase the price of electricity to compensate. @Bimfo is exactly right, you want decentralization you gotta have incentives to contribute to the network. Ripple is a total sell out of a coin. I don't dismiss their success but ideally it is the opposite of Bitcoin and similar cryptos. So frankly I'd tell Brad to STFU about what other crypto users should do or think about.
  5. Just because everything is not disclosed does not mean it is unfair. Your title suggests unfair treatment, but Stake would be craze to specify everything in public. It would make it too easy for competitors and people who wanted to exploit the system. Now if Stake was a government agency, you would have a point, disclosure would be only way to make sure it's fair, but Stake is not a government agency, though I fear a few people use it as a form of income, it's a private business. So it may need to change rewards from time to time and have its own secret methods of rewarding players. No one forces you to play here. The point is to have fun, not milk the reward system. If you don't feel like you are being treated well, or don't like that everything isn't disclosed, there are dozens, scores even, of other sites on the web where you can play. However, you'll be hard pressed to find a more generous site. Good Luck!
  6. Just so everyone is clear, the ban that was lifted was on banks serving crypto exchanges and service providers. This does make trading and using crypto in India much easier and is a "very good thing!" Here's a nice commentary article on the change and it's implications: https://www.coindesk.com/indias-supreme-court-ruling-is-a-win-for-the-whole-blockchain-industry Good Luck!
  7. wry

    Love life

    The Stake community is a great place but it is not the place to look for real life romance. A lot of the angst and upset that occurs in chat arises because of this. Some of the supports are literally sexually harassed by players and I'm amazed at their tolerance for it. However, as to people who make me smile, sure, lots of smart clever people here!
  8. Unless there is a special promotion going on all the sections that pay pay the same. You should read this post: Also topics like this go in the forum questions not Stake Discussion section.
  9. What's really annoying is seeing the same type of thread every day complaining about forum rewards. Starting threads like this just makes it look like you are over focused on the coins and not on the community. Please see this post to see mostly how the rewards work: Now to see if I can find the thread I posted this same link in two days ago....
  10. wry

    Bitcoin ATM machine.

    I love the idea of a Bitcoin ATM but the ones I have seen and thought about using have very high fees. So not only does your area need to have a bitcoin atm, it needs to have a lot of them to keep fees low. They also often have pretty strong KYC protocols and for Bitcoin, you have to wait for a block to confirm. I actually think they would be better for other crypto with faster networks and lower TX fees. Anyway, on balance, a very good think, check them out if they are in your area!
  11. While I've never looked into it too closely, I do remember hearing a lot about IOTA awhile back. Turns out they have been having some serious issues include having to shut off its primary validation network. Amazingly this coin is still in the top 30 or so when it comes to market cap. Check out the story: https://www.coindesk.com/iota-being-shut-off-is-the-latest-chapter-in-an-absurdist-history So, anyone have any IOTA, does this coin have a chance? Thanks!
  12. This is the thread you should probably read: Good luck and keep posting!!!
  13. wry

    Fury took total control

    Ugh! Yes, major kudos to Fury! I bet on this match and went the wrong way! At first I was going to go Fury, eye of the Tiger and all that, but then I read he was planning on being a lot more aggressive and Wilder was a really powerful puncher so I went Wilder. I am such a dumb ass. Fury did awesome, I hope he can unify all the belts.
  14. Update! Sorry to necro this thread but the saga continues. Last week the G-20 nations encouraged all countries and pressured others to adopt this travel rule. Things like this coupled with the IRS going full medieval on US crypto users has me doubting the future for crypto for small scale users who will be compelled either to fill out massive paperwork or become technical "outlaws". Link to story: https://www.coindesk.com/g20-urges-countries-to-adopt-tough-fatf-rules-on-cryptocurrencies
  15. While the number of wallets ≠ the number of users, they are probably correlated and I am very heartened by how well people have stuck with crypto despite the price drop after the peak in Winter 2017, It looks like we may be heading for another move up by May, but more important is all the infrastructure being developed to support crypto. Of course, governments are moving to regulate more as well, but I think this reflects crypto's acceptance as an asset class. So a good sign indeed!