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  1. Just type !wryymutemeonehourplease and I'll do what I can for you to help you have a dramatic exit!
  2. wry

    Plinko made me a winner

    Thanks for sharing your success @bmg!! It is always fun to hear about people winning! Thanks for being a great member of the community and a fun friend to have in chat! I hope you and BM do something fun with your winnings!
  3. So sorry to disappoint. Feel free to not read my posts in the future!
  4. As with many things it was deactivated because it was being abused. Eugene might have paid everyone but it still generated a lot of support tickets so it made a lot of work for everyone else. The good news is that I'm sure any mod online will be happy to mute you for an hour upon request to help you take a break from the site. Good Luck!
  5. I think this is the absolute best way to protect yourself and I have a feeling will become more and more common as time goes on. It may actually be a good reason to use more cloud type services and not even have anything valuable on your computer for the bad guys to hold ransom!
  6. VIDEOPOKER: 4,664,061,886 placed by wryy on 20/04/2019 Wagered 0.00006500 Multiplier 6x Profit 0.00032500 ROULETTE: 4,664,131,267 placed by wryy on 20/04/2019 Wagered 0.00006500 Multiplier 36x Profit 0.00227500 I have to say, this one looked deceptively easy! Well crafted @Marija, well crafted indeed!
  7. It's Adolf HItler's birthday so nothing like a story profiling one of the worst users of crypto these days, malware attackers using ransom ware. The method is pretty simple, they get you to download a file that encrypts all the data on your computer. You then have to pay a ransom to get your data back. Sadly, the bad guys almost always demand crypto currency, further giving our community a bad reputation. It's not fair, but still. Anyway, this article is talking about how the amounts demanded by the bad guys have increased. However, what I found so much more interesting was the graphic showing the market shares for all the various ransomware programs! It is remarkable, who makes all these bad things? Apparently the new one is Ryuk (does that mean you're fucked in Russian or something?) and it is targeting firms more than individuals and so is getting dramatically higher ransoms from users. Anyway, a sad but interesting story. I'm a lot more worried about being targeted by this than I was before. Link: https://www.coindesk.com/malware-crypto-ransoms-rose-by-almost-90-in-q1-report
  8. Thanks for bringing this up! I actually had not noticed it but I like the max bet button! Ironically it is great for getting rid of dust balances. You hit max bet and just take out of the bet the amount you want to retain. Just be careful!
  9. A major US crypto exchange, Bittrex, was recently denied a "bit license" by the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS). Apparently Bittrex has been complaining about why they were denied their bit license. The NYDFS apparently respectfully disagreed and so put out a statement about why Bittrex wasn't licensed and Bittrex has not been being very good about a few things: • Questionable ID verification • Lots of accounts without names associated with them. • Shoddy listing criteria In short, they were massively unimpressed. I'm not sure how I feel about this one. I'm sort of sad to see the frontier closed to things like anonymous exchanges (you even have to register now for dinabot!) as well as a major exchange like Bittrex falling down like this. At the same time, that's the path of adoption, you have to have infrastructure be more and more legit. What do you think? Link: https://www.coindesk.com/nydfs-why-we-rejected-bittrexs-application-for-a-bitlicense
  10. I'm sure it's a pain to pay 10,000 winners, but frankly, I love it. More winners is more fun! The only reason I became even a little interested in this was because I realized I was guaranteed to "win"! Thanks Stake!
  11. Good Luck skywallkee! I hope you win lots and lots of Stunna's and Edward's money!
  12. This is a really thoughtful post and a great way to conceptualize the issue. My guess is that your bot would get muted eventually but you could just make another and do the same thing. :tip of the hat:
  13. WHEEL: 4,584,180,567 placed by wryy on 17/04/2019 Wagered 0.00006600 Multiplier 49.5x Profit 0.00320100 I am getting an error that is keeping me from seeing my bet IDs, so the rest of this challenge will have to wait! And we're back! DIAMONDPOKER: 4,606,207,472 placed by wryy on 18/04/2019 Wagered 0.00006600 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00006600 Kudos Darko, another toughie!
  14. As @maverick528 pointed out, the answer is easy: Math. However, there is one option Stake could offer to reduce the house edge at least on even money bets, it's call the en prison rule. The idea is that when you lose an even bet, e.g. black or red, even or odd, 1-18 or 19-36 if a 0 is rolled then your bet is not lost, it's trapped for the next spin and if it "wins" you win your money back. This reduces the house edge on those bets to closer to 1%. I suggested it when they were looking for idea for Roulette, but no luck. Keep in mind, even at 2.7% Stake's Roulette is as good as the best RL casinos, and better than almost any RL casino you are going to find in the USA. For more on en prison rule: https://www.realmoneyaction.com/roulette/the-en-prison-and-la-partage-roulette-bets-explained/