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  1. wry

    What games do you watch on streams?

    I watch whatever @michelleleeann is playing when she wears the gold bikini. And +1 to all the complaints about the one line incredible low value posts. I understand you want free money, but you really should put forth a little more effort to appear intelligent and have a meaningful post related to the topic.
  2. You may want to just post the link and your thinking rather than copy pasting the story itself.
  3. Almost the exact same topic was posted about a week ago: I think it has much more to do with being able to milk the faucet effectively. I almost never play faucet, so no need for a bank account.
  4. wry

    Bitcoin for Coffee (starbucks) Says NO

    This would be good for adoption, and as an alternate payment system adoption is key, so I'd view this as good news. Your headline is misleading however.
  5. The crypto market is declining in market cap value and confidence in new highs is running low. This seems to be a significant loss of faith. While there is no way to know, I'm really sad at the price action and we could not stay in the 7000s USD after the last run up. Of course, now fighting to sustain over 6K USD, so we'll see.
  6. Very nice introduction @Lillyflow! The elements of currency systems are something every true advocate of Bitcoin and crypto currencies should understand!
  7. This is a long time scam approach so thanks for the great reminder of something to be watchful for. Also nice detective work. On another leading site this has reached endemic proportions and everyone just focuses on ID numbers. Of course, Stake and PD don't have ID numbers. When "paying" back others good will I always work from tip log to avoid any confusion. For me, that is why tip log is such a key feature of these sites. I wish there was more that could be done against these kinds of scumbags. So sorry @Lillyflow that someone would use your great reputation as a generous user to try and scam others. I guess one thing that could be done would be to modify the FONT used in chat to differentiate between lower case L's and upper case I's, that should not be too difficult. llll≠IIII and so should be different in chat!
  8. I love the idea of helping a new feature of Bitcoin but I gotta agree with @Shaniqua here, incentive seems way low.
  9. I'd really appreciate it if /ignore was more persistent as well. Maybe I am doing something wrong, but it seems to reset quite a bit. I'd sort of like to have a list of all the Fequ/CCC alt's I've ignored over the months. 😀
  10. Mines:652,092,179 placed by wryy Wagered: 0.00001200 Payout: 166.40x Profit: 0.00198475 Tier 4. At first I didn't like the idea of tiers, but now I sort of like "dial your own level of challenge" approach! Thanks for trying something new and keeping contests!!!
  11. The minimum tip is much lower than the minimum withdrawal and there is no fee to tip, hence external wallet is less useful. As @Timvz pointed out, it is a good place to pile up your small wins.
  12. wry

    Stake in 4 years time

    It will turn into Primedice. Just like all companies Stake is subject to competition. When PD was new it was awesome, people went nuts over it. But now Stake is the fun place to chat and hang out. Three years is an eternity in BTC land, and as much as I love Stake I'm sure other sites having to compete with how awesome it is will have to think of something even better (as hard as that is to imagine!). Of course, if Stake keeps innovating, adds new features and keeps it's awesome support, looking at you @Darko and @Irena, then I will be happy to be wrong! Not trying to be a downer, that is just how business competition works.
  13. wry

    alt coins on stake

    It's fun to have lots of nothing and I sense people would wager A LOT of them so maybe they will add Doge. However, given it is already on Stake's sister site PD, I expect the next coin added will be LTC. Bitcoin Cash appears relatively popular in Asia so it could be good, but it engenders strong emotions in some people and I don't know how the Stake honchos feel about BCH. In my view, of all the coins, this one is mostly likely to be an emotional choice rather than a business one. Personally I hope they add some obscure alt coin that I happen to have, how about CLAM Stake! It's a great coin! LLTGC!!!!!
  14. Sounds great!! Hope I can catch some of this one as I love BACK STORY!!!! Great idea for a stream! Thanks for Stake!
  15. I always assumed it had more to do with being able to milk the faucet. So I can see the benefit, but I don't play the faucet and don't use bank accounts.