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  1. Something like this makes sense to me, but I would set the limit for paid posts, MUCH MUCH lower. I defy you to find 20 posts made by a single user in 24 hours that are really high quality. So if you want to spam the forum, go right ahead, but don't be looking for payment. Of course, that might just inspire more alts, so as usual, we can't have nice things. This thread actually duplicates another one, so I'll merge them.
  2. I've used Hotels.com before but don't know anything about Lolli. If this helps bring Bitcoin and cryptos to more users then yes it is a very good thing. I wonder if Facebook's Libra is getting companies to think they need some crypto experience in order to be able to fully exploit Libra when it launches next year.
  3. This is a great insight! However, I expect they will continue to extend the regulations to individuals. This will be easy in developed countries with income taxes, but I expect it will expand to all countries over time. But yeah, until then localbitcoins, despite the often insane mark ups, is a good source for trading.
  4. I hope the rainbowsheep grazes on the grass of Stake's bankroll! Good luck!!
  5. Super glad you are back, but I'm curious -- why did you leave? Good luck with your play!
  6. While the posts are not always focused on wallet, the topic is, so I've left them separate for now. We'll see how things unfold. Besides people might accuse me of bias if I merged this one into my thread and I'm not merging mine into this one due to the wallet focused title.
  7. @nattekut gives rock solid advice, you want to minimize your downside while building your wagered amount which is exactly the problem that x1.01 on dice does NOT solve. Naturally you should expect to lose 1% of your totaled wagered no matter what, even using a super conservative bankroll preserving approach like william has identified. Good luck to each of you!!!
  8. Thanks for answering my question! I remember that early on ETH mining was insanely profitable, at least compared to Bitcoin. What did you do with your mining equipment?
  9. This is actually common in lots of areas, e.g. you had bitcoin and saw the price go to 19K USD, now you don't want to sell for less. You said you wanted to reset your expectations, the best suggestion I have for you is to think about what you can do with a more moderate amount for a "win". E.g. if you want .005 to feel like a win, think of all the cool stuff you could do with 50 USD of blow money, e.g. booze, weed, dinner, video game, whatever you are interested in or enjoy. That may help block out the unrealistic expectation of thinking anything less than 1 BTC isn't a win (unless you are using a large bankroll). I hope your luck, including your self constructed expectations for your luck, improves!
  10. I hope your luck on Primedice during the Stake downtime is even better than it is on Stake!
  11. The interesting part is how you withdraw the BAT to yourself, e.g. basically setting yourself up as content creator to receive tokens. I had thought Stake might so something like this allowing us to redeem our BAT on site to play with but, if it in fact works, and the Brave team does not get wise, your system is better. I wish Brave would just let us keep our BAT rather than forcing us to donate it to a content creator, which as you demonstrate, can be yourself.
  12. Good luck Chico! I hope you win lots of Eddie's coins!
  13. Yes, sadly, almost every high roller experiences this. Don't accept friend requests from strangers and make sure to have selected only accept private messages from friends. You can also hide your bets so these lowlifes can't see you playing. If you send a screen shot of the person begging to support they will be banned or muted, at least for awhile. I'm sorry, it's the internet, and the prospect of free money brings out the worst in people.
  14. While I love the Bitcoin project, my thinking for the endgame, when mining rewards drop significantly or are zero, is not so optimistic. Right now the block reward is what 12.5 BTC dropping to 6.25 next year. So right now a block is worth just over 125,000 plus TX fees, which on the last block ( https://www.blockchain.com/btc/block-height/582047 ) were worth .97 BTC, so call it another 10K, or 135,000 total. Now, a BTC block is about 2000 or so transactions, which implies a necessary TX fee of (135K USD/ 2000 TX) 67.5 USD. I don't think anyone is going to want to pay 67.50 USD for a bitcoin transaction. Now we know BTC has been worth a lot less, say 3200 USD, so if we use those numbers, we're still paying (43,200 / 2000) = 21.60 USD maybe enough if you are moving Darko's bars of gold, but a lot if you are buying much of anything. Hopefully, solutions will emerge, but right now, I think there's an issue with how miners are compensated in the endgame. Fortunately, that day is aways away.
  15. As I said earlier I liked your analysis, but this line also makes an important part. While it should not make much difference there is a good chance that gamblers will start to become conditioned to the races and play mainly during those times. Especially if there is a regular schedule or something. As you will note, so far they are announced a little in advance and the times vary a bit, though 12 to 1 GMT has happened twice now. Not a real danger now, but a potential threat down the road. My sense is the managers like races because, as you note, it encourages playing, and while active chat and forums are nice, play is how they make their money!