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  1. I know at least a few of our players use Bitpay and have the Bitpay debit card so I thought this would be of special interest to at least a few of you. Bitpay announced that they were introducing a new "dashboard" for their users along with a range of identification enhancements. Starting back on 5 Aug, users would have to produce a photo ID in order to get a refund of $1000+ USD or make to buy Bitcoin or pay a merchant using Bitcoin of $3000 or more. They are also adding something called a Bitpay ID, modeled on Apple ID, which I guess they think will facilitate payments (since it's easier to pay wry@bitpay.com than use a BTC address) though that is just speculation on my part. On balance, I see this as just another reduction in the privacy offered by using Bitcoin. After all, I don't think people usually have to show a photo ID to make a large purchase with a credit card, although the last thing I bought that cost more than 3000 USD was probably international airline tickets, and I had to show ID to travel. So what do you think, big improvement, minor inconvenience, just a bunch of meaningless marketing or something else? Link to Bitpay blog post: https://blog.bitpay.com/bitpay-dashboard-id/
  2. KENO: 8,108,808,044 placed by wryy on 19/08/2019 Wagered 0.03800000 Multiplier 67x Profit 2.50800000 Thanks a lot!!!
  3. Have to say it was interesting to see how you could express exactly the same thing (and something pretty simple at that) in three very different ways. I also have seen there's a way to convert point spreads to money lines as well.
  4. Three years in crypto land is a long time, after all in 2016 btc was still sub 1000 USD. If BTC is successful and price continues to rally, Stake is rich beyond measure. Maybe more competition has entered the arena as governments crack down on crypto but become more permissive towards gambling. As long as Stake avoids a major hack or complete breakdown in some form then the future is bright!
  5. Telegram is an awesome app and as many of you know did an ICO for its coin "gram" that raised 1.7 billion, that billion with a b, for the firm. The ICO was in February and March of 2018 but the coin and network isn't expected to launch until the end of October this year. That fact has not kept people from trading their ICO rights on exchanges. However, the registration documents prevented buyers from reselling their rights, so the sales may not even be valid. Did anyone sign up for gram? If so, you already appear to be a winner! Link: https://www.coindesk.com/alive-thriving-and-totally-unauthorized-inside-the-underground-market-for-telegrams-cryptocurrency
  6. I'm increasingly doubtful we're going to see wide scale merchant adoption of Bitcoin. With 10 minute block times, it just doesn't make sense. Most thinking is that Bitcoin will be something like gold that is useful to hold but not really used in day to day transactions. Maybe a good mix of both. I do agree that national governments seem to be against Bitcoin, it costs them control, which they do not like, so to see mainstream use like with Square, it's a good thing.
  7. Here's a news story close to all our hearts! We like crypto and we like casinos (thank you Stake!). On Monday speaking at a conference in Las Vegas, the director of FinCEN reminded casinos of the need to file suspicious activity reports for crypto transactions. He noted: Of course, it does not specify what WAS the level of reporting they were expecting. It is just remarkable how these people assume the worst about everyone. I think this fits into the overall pattern of governments fighting against Bitcoin by insinuating that any use of it is intrinsically breaking the law and shows something to hide. Link: https://www.coindesk.com/fincen-director-reminds-casinos-of-crypto-compliance-requirements
  8. Pair Aces: VIDEOPOKER: 8,024,981,543 placed by wryy on 16/08/2019 Wagered 0.03800000 Multiplier 1x Profit 0.00000000 Three Aces: VIDEOPOKER: 8,024,945,530 placed by wryy on 16/08/2019 Wagered 0.03800000 Multiplier 3x Profit 0.07600000 Four Aces (note the bet number,this took FOREVER!!!!): VIDEOPOKER: 8,057,623,805 placed by wryy on 17/08/2019 Wagered 0.03800000 Multiplier 22x Profit 0.79800000 I have to say @Irena I really wanted to win this with Queens, because you are one, but I had to settle for Aces! Thanks for a challenge that looked easy but had me hating myself by the end!
  9. While it may not happen right away chat is watched carefully and spamming can easily result in a mute or a ban. Users who make low quality posts get muted everyday. So don't assume Stake doesn't work against this.
  10. Craig Wright may or may not be Satoshi Nakamoto, personally I have my doubts, but it is increasingly clear that he does have 1.1 million Bitcoins. In all the excitement about Wright's claim to be Satoshi, I think people are overlooking that this guy basically controls 1.1 million Bitcoins. He's being sued in court by a prior business partner. He's losing in court, but I keep coming back to the idea of Wright having 1.1 million Bitcoins. That is just crazy! Here's a link to the story that got me thinking about this: https://www.coindesk.com/judge-blasts-craig-wrights-inconsistent-testimony-extremely-speculative-evidence-in-kleiman-trial
  11. How are you counting greens? Most of the time the wave starts so that is some positive multiplier. If green is x2 then I guess I might be a little surprised.
  12. Live Stats helps a lot with this. While that is more geared towards your gambling session, maybe it could be easily expanded to do something along the lines you are suggesting!
  13. UPDATE!!! While this topic didn't get a lot of attention, I thought this was a great update to the story, apparently after six weeks the kimchi premium has abated! The news story credits this to a big decline in the Korean Won. Since their currency dropped versus the US dollar analysts think that helped to eliminate the premium. Not sure I totally agree, but seems as plausable as anything I can think up. Other explanations center on transfer costs, e.g. regulation has increased on exchanges in Korea which makes it harder to move coins between markets, now that makes sense! I'd welcome your own theories! Link: https://www.coindesk.com/bitcoins-kimchi-premium-vanishes-again-as-trading-range-tightens
  14. UPDATE!!! Saw this news story today about how Poloniex is trying to make its users whole from this debacle. They are suspending trading fees to help users recoup their losses as well as recovering coins from accounts who defaulted. I thought it was a bit encouraging! Link: https://www.coindesk.com/crypto-traders-who-lost-big-in-poloniex-flash-crash-receive-bitcoin-refunds
  15. As you requested @ScooterPi!!! Appears that the reward has been reduced to 1000 max per post and 2500 max per thread, but I've not seen that officially stated. My guess is people will still farm it, based on one days looking most of the same people are still posting like crazy but it will reduce cost to site.