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  1. As someone who was sure Biden was going to win and went big on this bet I've been wondering this too. However, while the race has been called Trump has not conceded and there are lawsuits pending in some states. There is a deadline next week or so for states to "certify" their results, then it will be final. So I'm thinking we may still have to wait awhile.
  2. I understand the Paypal hate, but this is a huge event for crypto. The whole premise of crypto is moving to potential mainstream use, and while restrictive developed country tax rules may inhibit broad usage, you can't get more mainstream than Paypal. The key thing is that if you are on Stake Forum, this is meaningless for you, you are probably a fairly sophisticated crypto user, but it opens up accessible crypto to far more people, far more than even Square or Robinhood.
  3. RIOT at THE D Casino as Overseas Player "RAINS"?!?! Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - Police today briefly took into custody a foreign national yesterday at the D Casino in Las Vegas. Apparently after touring the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn the user hopped over to the D to try his luck at the tables. Lucky he was, he hit back to back "0" bets in roulette after letting his winnings "ride" winning $6,125 ($5 bet x 35 x 35). The player, who reportedly screamed "This is from WRYY on Stake! Keep Hope Alive!!!" threw two handfuls of $5 chips into the walkway of the casino, setting
  4. 27: casino:29042784075 8: casino:29042781224 and after a brief intermission! 13: casino:29112456615 33: casino:29112505245 Thank you for a fun challenge on one of my favorite games!
  5. @blueprints has a point. It goes to the question of what is the purpose of rain? I always thought of raining in chat as a way to reward chatters for rooting for you and to help celebrate your big wins. However if chat has a large part of it composed of a bunch of random spam from people farming potential rains, that is lost and brings out efforts to stop the rain farmers. However, a measure like wager $1000 to get rain shifts raining into a de facto player funded rakeback system. Since Stake has been open and honest about the 1000 USD per week requirement they have done nothi
  6. wry

    Rainbot - not fair

    Fair is treating similar situations similarly. Stake has been very honest and open about the requirement to have wagered at least 1000 USD per week to get rain, as @Rade pointed out above. If they had not been honest about that and just said "wager" I would agree, it would not be fair, but they have. I'm not saying you have to like it, I'm not even sure I like it, but it's fair, they've been honest. It's Stake's site and they can do what they want. It is your free time however, and if you don't like what Stake is doing it should not be too hard to find someplace else to gamble on
  7. WHEEL: 28,756,324,512 placed by wryy on 07/09/2020 Wagered 0.32000000 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.32000000 WHEEL: 28,756,325,257 placed by wryy on 07/09/2020 Wagered 0.32000000 Multiplier 4x Profit 0.96000000 WHEEL: 28,756,325,790 placed by wryy on 07/09/2020 Wagered 0.32000000 Multiplier 3x
  8. wryy Good Luck Eddie! Win the GOLD!!! Pick me, I'm cheap!
  9. Dear Wry, I hope you are the still optimistic, hopeful, intelligent person you always were. Wow, Bitcoin at 100K USD, you didn't lose it all on Stake or sell it all too soon right? Use that money wisely! No Lambos! (Maybe a Ferrari though, we'll see.). Get that Kensington flat.... I hope you've found some good things to do with your free time, exercise, read more, improve yourself, and not just hang out in Stake chat all the time. πŸ˜€ You have an amazing family, friends and job in real life. I hope you never forgot that or squandered it. Remember, never trade something y
  10. wryy And good luck. Eddie!
  11. I totally agree that the 1K USD per week minimum to have a chance to get rain from the bot is exclusionary, that is after all the point. I understand wanting to end rain farmers and have a healthy and constructive chat. However, I think a part of this is wrong. When a player uses the rainbot to share good fortune with the chat they expect it to go to chatters. However, this new rule changes raining in chat by players to a user funded indirect rakeback system for Stake. I've seen some rains go to people who have not been in chat at all. Stake has every right to discriminate fo
  12. I think this all comes back to how much income do you want over how much time? Depending on your country, for long term income and return think about using the money as a down payment on a small apartment complex (i.e. four units) or a duplex. Live in one and rent out the others. This is an especially good idea if you are capable of fixing things. If you want long term capital accumulation then invest in a passive stock index fund. Boring, but it works over time. If you want to stay in the crypto space, there is A LOT going on with decentralized finance, de-fi, there's lots o
  13. wryy Came in saw you playing the big wheel - get yourself a slice for Stake's birthday! Well crap, I don't see how to turn my text blue. <blue>Blue</blue> but good luck Eddie and post 848!!!
  14. Set a win target and take a break from playing. I would consider these two things axioms of smart gaming.
  15. The problem for this is not just that Twitter has crappy security, it is that so many people will blame Bitcoin. This was such a stupid scam, only a few people have Bitcoin who would fall for this and it brings tons of negative attention to the crypto community. I'm afraid we'll have a lot more scrutiny now. Ugh.
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