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  1. No, they don't even go to the casino in the first place because they know that the games are mathematically against them. Now maybe the work FOR the casinos and get rich that way. But there is no amount of mathematical skill that can overcome house edge. Closest was counting cards in Blackjack and that is as much memory as math skills.
  2. I'd say that your experience is pretty typical enzio for any new game on Stake. I remember all the excitement about the wheel and we hear very little about it now. So far I've liked slots more than I thought I would because the house edge is so high. But I don't expect it to last. I imagine next week's challenge will be a slots challenge and I'll play a lot and get sick of it. It's pretty easy to predict how much most users will like games, what did they last win on, that's their favorite and everything else is rigged! 😀
  3. In some pretty remarkable news today, well known coin exchange Poloniex announced it was being spun off from Circle, e.g. sold, to a private Asian investment group. What's interesting is that just two years ago, Circle bought Poloniex for 400 million USD AND that US traders are being booted from the exchange: I'm really curious if this is partially driven by the IRS guidance on crypto or just other behind the scenes moves towards financially repressing US crypto users. Whatever it is, I'm sure there's more to this story. Link: https://www.coindesk.com/circle-to-spin-out-poloniex-exchange-less-than-2-years-after-400-million-takeover
  4. In remarks at an event in Austin Texas the governor of the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank acknowledged that the Fed was looking at and actively debating a digital US dollar. Of course, dollars already move around the world digitally, so I'm not sure exactly what would change, although maybe he's talking about a decentralized network like Bitcoin's, but maybe not, he just said "digital dollar." Apparently, they are worried about the USD ceasing to be the world's reserve currency. If the USD stopped being the reserve currency then US interest rates would rise and other countries would be less dependent on the US financial system. Considering the bad IRS news out of the USA, I'm calling this story a win for crypto! Link: https://www.coindesk.com/top-fed-official-says-us-central-bank-actively-debating-digital-dollar
  5. You mean one that actually answers the question? No, posts that answer questions or add to the conversation are generally welcome and productive. Alas, many do demonstrate behavior you describe in your second paragraph, and then of course there are those bemoaning the behavior, and then those bemoaning the bemoaning,
  6. Nah, I sometimes feel like a dumb ass, but never a hypocrite. One of the nice things about being a grown up is getting to do what you want and living with the consequences. I encourage players to see a win target, hit it and quit it, if I fail to do that I'm an idiot. Being a hypocrite entails a moral component, it involves --the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs -- and that's not what people are doing when they give advice for gambling. So like I said, if I fail to follow my own advice I'm just a dumb ass.
  7. I know this is shocking, but there are some people who exploit the forum. It is possible to spam the forum and get to 2000 satoshi way faster than 10000. By having the higher limit we have a better chance of catching the bad actors and making a better forum for everyone!
  8. Update: In a follow up to this story, Coindesk reports that the IRS has added a question about acquiring crypto currencies to its tax forms. Link: https://www.coindesk.com/the-irs-will-now-ask-if-you-own-crypto-in-the-1040-tax-form Looks like it is a really really bad time to be a crypto investor or hobbyist in the USA!
  9. TON, of course, is the coin of the Telegram ICO. Given how cool Telegram is, I can see it being a success. However, anyone in the USA just got locked out of their purchase due to the SEC cracking down. Check out the full news story! Link: https://www.coindesk.com/sec-halts-telegrams-1-7-billion-unlawful-token-issuance
  10. It increasingly looks like Libra will kill Libra. Today there was a report that in addition to Paypal that had already pulled out, which makes sense given that Libra is an existential threat to Paypal, another four announced partners pulled out today. Ouch! Link: https://www.coindesk.com/ebay-stripe-follow-paypal-in-quitting-facebooks-libra-project
  11. Mostly this ^^^^^. However, if you really want a Royal Flush at all costs make sure to only select cards to keep that can result in a royal flush. This may even include throwing away a winning hand in pursuit of a Royal! So if you have J J 10suited X X then trash the jack keep the 10 and hope for an incredible draw. That's not always a recipie for winning, but a way to maximize your chance to hit a Royal. Good chance it still doesn't happen for a long long time.
  12. Yep, in a way this is USA making sure crypto never becomes money, only "property" so that they can keep the US dollar strong. They were not too scared about Bitcoin but something like Libra scares the poop out of them. I would expect the Libra announcement lit a fire at the IRS and they moved ahead quickly, since the same rules for Bitcoin would apply to Libra.
  13. I doubt this is going to happen. The number of bitcoins is capped, there's still no limit on ETH, and road maps to that have not been adhered to. ETH shot up to over 1000 USD, so it has room to go up, but passing BTC is a different matter entirely.
  14. In eagerly anticipated but on balance pretty poor news, in the USA, the IRS today announced new tax guidance for crypto currencies. So read on and feel better about not living in the USA! Most importantly, the IRS did not give any de minimus level for crypto transactions. This pretty much keeps crypto from being a successful medium of exchange as any purchase using it is a taxable event as far as the IRS is concerned. So buy a coffee with crypto, congratulations you need to report the difference in the value of the crypto you used and what you paid to get it. Other changes included some guidance on forks. You owe taxes on the forked coins when you receive them, not when you eventually sell them. So it's possible you can get some forked coins, and their price goes down, so you owe taxes on more than what the coins are worth. In my view there was nothing good here for our US friends who want to use their crypto. Maybe I missed something? Link: https://www.coindesk.com/the-irs-just-issued-its-first-cryptocurrency-tax-guidance-in-5-years
  15. Always amazed why the EFF doesn't get more love in these. Oh well, all are good causes!