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  1. wry

    Now they target dogecoins!

    Scammers gonna scam and no coin is immune. I've always liked Doge, it never took itself seriously and has become a crypto survivor. I guess the fact that scammers think it has enough value to steal corroborates that. Of course there is also a fun community around Doge that is probably especially vulnerable to scams. It's a shame.
  2. wry

    Monero’s Hard Fork

    I loved the privacy power of Monero but when I played around with it the fees were prohibitive. If they've solved the fee problem they may really be on to something.
  3. wry

    Will Stake offer conversions?

    This is very exciting news and will more than make up for the loss of the marketplace when it happens! Way to go Stake! Keep it going!
  4. wry

    86% of ICO Tokens Now Worth Less.

    I'm amazed that 14% are actually doing better. I would have guessed it would be closer to 1%. Maybe I'll read the article and go invest in the "winners".
  5. I'm a bit surprised no one has picked up on this yet but Stake has a new blog post out and it includes a Change Log! I thought this was a really nice addition and resource for the Stake community. Anything that helps improve communication and let's us know what is going on with Stake is a good thing! I was especially happy to see that the withdrawal issue where you had to leave the withdrawal fee in your balance has been fixed! Thanks Stake! Keep the improvements coming and keep smashing those bugs! The link to the full blog post is here: https://medium.com/@stakecasino/better-gambling-protecting-our-players-and-our-first-public-change-log-506c171a1a53
  6. wry

    is it just me or doge is lucky?

    Of course doge is lucky! It is the only crypto started as a joke that never took itself seriously and has now become a popular coin! What could be luckier!
  7. Yes, this really happened. Quite a few people actually got a ton of BTC this way. You can still see this deal on bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=137.msg1141#msg1141
  8. It is true that doge was created as a joke, but it has hung on and appears to be a survivor, hell it even pumped a few weeks ago. I like doge, it never took itself too seriously and it is fun to have lots of nothing. I can understand your point about the rain being only doge, especially if you are not a fan, but as @maverick528 pointed out it's only temporary. It also seems like the minimum tip is fairly high compared to the other coins on Stake. I expect that too will evolve over time. In the meantime, good luck!
  9. wry

    Fiedelity launches crypto services

    I saw this and it is very good news. However, the services are NOT for retail investors so I'm not sure how much it will really help. Still it's a start. The CEO of Fidelity has been a crypto for quite some time, so I'm a big fan of her!
  10. wry

    Sad day

    One "Sad Day" is a note to friends in chat, repeated ones are clearly a beg. While I sometimes think the crusade against passive begging goes too far, repeated "sad day" is just too lame to be considered anything but begging, not even sure it's that passive.
  11. wry

    Will bitcoin be destroyed by quantum computers?

    I remember reading about this when I first got interested in Bitcoin. I think the short answer is yes, by being able to crack the encryption protocol that Bitcoin uses quantum computers are a theoretical threat. But so far, it is just that, theoretical. Besides there is no reason you couldn't fork Bitcoin to a more quantum resistant protocol once the threat becomes real rather than theoretical. Plus we're past 2017.... 😀
  12. As @williamshennie9 said, it is a control issue, but it is not just bitcoin, often it is their own cash. The USA hasn't allowed anything higher than $100 bills since 1969, UK has max £50 note, and the EU just stopped making 500 euro notes. All of this in the name of stopping money laundering and aiding taxation. Bitcoin is a far bigger threat than those are to their tracking and monitoring of the financial freedom of their citizens. So it's not that they want to control the market, they want to control their people!
  13. wry

    The ethics of Gambling

    The view that gambling is sinful is usually attached to a couple of things. First, it is by definition a non productive activity. So to the extent you are supposed to be productive, it's not a good choice. Second, for those religions that believe that all material benefits are sent by some deity by gambling with them you are not being a good custodian of the gifts that deity has sent you. So bad you. Of course, these wouldn't apply to owning a casino, other than maybe tempting others into potentially destructive activity. I am not proud of my gambling but do it in small amounts for fun. Having now seen so many people who I think may have a gambling problem, I am less a fan of it than I used to be. So play on Stake and have fun, but if you are playing with money you need for something, please go do something else.
  14. wry

    What's your opinion about provably fair?

    It's important to understand what provably fair is - it's simply a way to use math to enable you or any other interested third party to make sure you were not cheated. I still remember when I first heard about it, a long gone site called bitzino used it. I was blown away. Its far more secure than any kind of regulation that attempts to police real life casinos. @Katarina has created step by step tutorials if you want to verify any of your bets on Stake. If you want to see what it looks like when a site gets busted by the community using provably fair tools check out this Bitcointalk thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=789339.0 In short, all the threads you see about Stake being rigged are laughable. Even if you don't understand provably fair at all and refuse to learn you can go on Bitcointalk get someone to help you and take Stake down if you were actually being cheated.
  15. wry

    Coinbase wallet holders ?

    As the article you pasted noted, this is nothing new with Coinbase. They were also famous for seizing user's coins for "suspicious" activity, which if you are unfortunate enough to live in the USA can include things like sending or receiving coins from gambling sites like Stake. I would advise everyone to keep their coins off Coinbase unless you are going to trade them and never send to or from them from Stake or any other gambling site directly. If you don't control your private keys you don't control your coins. Good Luck!