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  1. I didn't think he was Satoshi at all, just some blow hard. Then I realized that he really did apparently mine around a million bitcoins in the early days and so it doesn't matter if he's Satoshi, he's got a million Bitcoins. Wowza. He can crash the market, make SV worth 100K USD each, who knows. It's scary. I'd say right now he's the biggest risk to Bitcoin and if I wake up tomorrow and the coin is trading at 100 USD I will know why.
  2. This is a great question and I've thought about it a lot. Obviously, it's promotional and a lot of the funds they give away go right back to the site, but I think it is more than that. Successful firms innovate and keep innovating even after they are successful. This helps keep out new entrants. Stake innovates with new games and new coins, but by having such awesome promotions, especially tailored to the highest rollers, Stake is keeping them loyal and locked in to the site. The only real risk is people exploiting the sites generosity and that is mitigated by having rewards tied to playing levels. While not perfect, I think the site does a pretty good job with promotions.
  3. One of the biggest advantages of Bitcoin is that it is a censorship resistant payment network. Censorship resistance is on the front page today as YouTube "purged" (a nice name for deleted) several educational crypto videos for containing "harmful or dangerous" content. Of course this is totally bogus. While YouTube has admitted the mistake and claims to be reinstating the videos many are still missing. This is exactly the type of unfounded criticism and discrimination of crypto assets that upsets me. Many people have videos of them doing dangerous stunts on YouTube and they don't take them down but a video to help introduce people to crypto is somehow "harmful or dangerous." Bad on you YouTube! Link: https://www.coindesk.com/youtube-calls-crypto-purge-a-mistake-but-many-videos-still-missing
  4. I have been muted for losing @maverick528"s famous mute roulette game. I miss that game!
  5. The race can make a negative EV activity much less of a negative EV proposition or even a positive one. If you are going to gamble, you should try and do it during a race. Having said that, the one time I went big to try and place in a race I lost a LOT and my race ranking didn't come close to making up for my losses. Still it was fun and cool and I'm sure I'll do it again the next time I have a hankering to "play big"!
  6. Gambling is never a solution to any problem other than how do I entertain myself for a little bit. If it stops being fun, if you are playing for more money than you are willing to lose, chasing a challenge, or whatever, STOP! I fear too many people try to use gambling as a solution to financial problems, and it is never that.
  7. Yes, I have used Monero! I was excited about it's privacy features but at the time the fees to send the coin were just prohibitively high. I think I got a little from a guy on reddit to try and it just wasn't worth it. So while I appreciate its potential, far from a mainline coin for me.
  8. I don't think it makes a lot of sense to stay on Stake chat in hopes of something exciting happening on the 25th or any other day. Rather chat because it's fun, if something great happens, then all the better. I think so many people just set themselves up for disappointment. I hope everyone had a happy Christmas, if that's your thing, and good luck!
  9. Yes, they seem to waitlist people for a variety of secret reasons, I wouldn't stress out over it.
  10. Generally for most mutes the reason is given to the player and a link is provided to the appeals section so rarely does the person really not know why they were muted. Also of course they often go directly to support to complain and inquire why. The use of mutes is a very blunt instrument, by nature it's a dichotomous function. Maybe it would be cool if your messages just got dimmer and dimmer rather than simply being blocked. As to amounts wagered, it doesn't matter, the chat rules are the same for everyone. While intelligent people can disagree I've not seen many mutes that were not warranted and easily validated by looking at chat logs. At the same time, I try to use them as sparingly as possible, often asking nicely works.
  11. This is undoubtably true. People respond to incentives and players, including me, have hopped back on the forum in a big way. However, activity does not equal a good forum, the posts need to be meaningful and thoughtful and on that score the outcome is much more mixed. Given what I've seen I doubt the doubled rewards will continue but hey, I'm often wrong. I certainly hope they continue! The good news is the rewards have been both higher and lower and so this is something @Dan is always looking at and monitoring carefully so if a better forum results it may continue!
  12. If not in this life, then in the next.... However, this has nothing do to with giving other people money in chat. That is something fun you can do, never a test of your true character, after all, half the people in chat may be alts or scammers. Anyone who is trying to guilt you into sharing money is the one who should be worried about their karma.
  13. wry

    Buy Bitcoin Right Now?

    The simple fact is that this is unknowable. Do you need Bitcoin for some reason? If so, now is the time to buy. However, no one can know what price will do. While I believe in the Bitcoin project, and so think the long term direction is up, Bitcoin is so volatile that the price bounces around huge amounts every day. If you have a little money you want to put into Bitcoin buy a little bit from time to time so you are not crying too hard if the price drops.
  14. The games never make me angry, only I make me angry. The games are all just a programed front end for the random result of my wagering. I control my wagering, so when I get mad it is always at me. The game is just a wrapper.
  15. Well if Libra wasn't enough, Chinese technology giant Tencent is ramping up research efforts for its own crypto currency. According to the news story linked below, the parent of WeChat (and of course, the ubiquitous WeChat Pay) is conducting an internal search for someone to fill a new position to head up crypto research efforts. Frankly, I think this is awesome and exciting news! Wecat Pay (along with Alipay) is already a dominant payment platform in China. If any crypto were integrated with it, it could make this years earlier excitement around Libra look like nothing. I was excited before about Square integrating Bitcoin, this would be way, way bigger! Anyone using Wechat Pay? See any opportunities for crypto integration? Link: https://www.coindesk.com/chinese-internet-giant-tencent-to-launch-digital-currency-research-team