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  1. It will be easy to devise a solution once it becomes clear what you are trying to accomplish with the bot. Your first post acted like it was to inform new users of all the money stake gives away.
  2. wry

    Missing the way it was

    I feel you @bmg! I'm spending a lot less time in chat and I still think the live support team on Stake is the best in the business. Totally agree @Bigmann23 that a serious crack down on spamming is needed. I get it, it's free money, you want some, we all do, now STFU. @Dan the forum goes up and down based on how active what I call "the one liners" are and of course the alts spamming their 10 posts so they can do the weekly contests. The ones this week look pretty hard to me, so I expect forum will be better. Keep hope alive @Kargai! The forum needs moderation - I appreciate you! I'm spending a little more time on here in an effort to get the "stake fix" that chat doesn't consistently provide anymore, but it's not the same.
  3. If your goal is to inform new visitors about a great site feature, I don't see how having rainbot posting in chat works any better than say having a banner that there are random rewards for players. They can read it and then click it away. They're now informed. I don't know for sure, but I expect that after looking for a help tab (also a great place to put information about FREE MONEY) and faucet the next thing new people look for is chat. What do you want that chat full of, people bitching about missing the latest rain or having discussions about bitcoin, stake, winning and losing? It seems the latter crowd would be much more welcoming. Is there still a requirement of how much to gamble in order to chat? I seem to recall that is how I lost the wry account I had on Stake, I tried to chat, couldn't and said fuck this. Later I found the bitcointalk thread that gave you enough to wager in order to chat, did so, and was very glad I did. I've been a large Stake fan since. Ironically, as I've said in the past, I always thought Stake was the one place that got it right by having mods and support rain in the chat. There is no substitute for the human touch. To the extent you move away from this I'd say you are working against the objectives you've stated. I can think of several ways to publicize and share many of the great ways you try and help players, and too frequently just get flooded with alts instead (see link below), but that goes way beyond the current version of rainbot. Earlier suggestion:
  4. Right off the bat let me say that I fully support Stake giving away its money any way that it chooses. However, as someone who has always enjoyed Stake's chat, the rainbot has become a major distraction. I totally understand wanting to reward players rather than chatters with the rainbot, I've come to think of it as more of a "rake back" bot. I realize that there are a large number of factors that potentially influence it (see link below), but chatting is clearly pretty minor on what it values. Yet because it tips in public its behavior is a constant distraction in chat. Why not just have it rain privately? You are still rewarding players and not giving a reason for people to complain about being missed or making comments about the size of the rain, e.g. "wow, fat one!" which even I have been inclined to do from time to time. I doubt many people play so they will get rewarded by the rainbot so I don't think its encouraging "chatters" to become "players" it is just an annoying distraction. I realize the Primedice rainbot rains publically in chat, but that chat is not something I would aspire for Stake chat to become. I know there is almost zero chance of this changing, but maybe I'm missing something and I thought it might be fun to discuss! So what am I missing? For factors that go into the bot:
  5. wry

    Will Amazon Create Their Own Cryptocurrency?

    They basically already have Amazon USD via their Amazon cash and gift cards. Not sure what a crypto would get them, but they seem to be bit on trotting out anything that will get them some headlines. I would not expect it unless BTC moons again and crypto is getting lots of good press.
  6. wry

    📢 Loaning to be phased out!

    Totally agree with @Kargai, @Bigmann23 and @lupandina. I think taking a loan is a bad plan but if people want to do it, fine, but why was Stake ever involved in adjudicating these loans? I never understood and the supports and mod team has got to have better things to do.
  7. Shapeshift going over to the KYC and registered account model is a real blow to those of us who saw crypto as a path away from financial repression. I can see national governments demanding that firms who transact in their local currency know their users but Shapeshift was crypto to crypto. Damn shame. The open frontier of crypocurrencies gets hemmed in more each day, sad.
  8. This is a big deal and tripped me up as well.
  9. wry

    Update: Christy

    Thanks for the update @bmg! I guess it goes to show that investing time in your real life can pay off a lot more than over focusing on crypto gaming sites, even really great ones like Stake! Hope she stays well!
  10. wry

    The tiplog is back!

    Thank you Stake for restoring this nice feature! Now if only PMs are back we'll be back to where we were pre "upgrade"! 😀
  11. wry

    What’s good about gambling?

    It's supposed to be fun. If you need to win, I doubt it's fun, and you should probably find something more productive to go do.
  12. wry

    Alt wallet

    Coinomi is a very nice alt coin wallet for devices. They don't have a desktop client yet, but that is coming soon. I discovered them when bitcoin cash came out, it was so easy to claim my BCH using their wallet. I've used them for bitcoin cash, bitcoin gold, clam, doge, litecoin, etherium, and others all without any issue. I would strongly recommend it. https://www.coinomi.com
  13. I have really wanted to like Monero but don't. Two big reasons, first, its fees are relatively high. I've never seen a good explanation for why. Second, the good people over at Coinomi, who make the multicoin wallet that I like so much, say that it is difficult to work with and even though they wanted to like it and add Monero it is a huge pain in the rear to do so. This suggests to me that the coin will stay marginalized even if it is way more private than BTC.
  14. Now that Stake takes ETH I pay a lot more attention to it than I used to. I was wondering why ETH had been shooting up last couple of days and it seems like it may be because of the latest planned hard fork of ETH called Constantinople. While the hard fork includes five improvement proposals the most dramatic one for price purposes seems to be the reduction in the mining reward from 3 ETH to 2 ETH and delaying or ending the "difficulty bomb" that was threatening the system if nothing was done. Even after reading the article it wasn't clear to me if ETH was any closer to partially moving to proof of stake like they have talked about from time to time. Anyway full details including a listing of each of the improvement proposals is at: https://www.coindesk.com/constantinople-ahead-what-you-need-to-know-about-ethereums-big-upgrade/ Finally, the fork is scheduled to take effect as soon as 8 Oct. but the general expectation is that it will be delayed to later in October or maybe even November.
  15. wry

    How to use loans

    By gambling you are playing a rigged game for money. It's supposed to be fun and entertaining. By taking a loan in order to gamble you are risking money you don't have and adding the interest charge to your expense. Since you asked, my advice is to stay away from loans.