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    wry reacted to hui in Why is a VPN important to you?   
    Yep, and some points are plain wrong and create a feeling of security that is counterproductive since security isn't raised:
    The statements given in the post are not a detailed analysis but spreading of false information potentially leading to players being less secure than before because now they think they would be protected (or covered), which they are not.
    Wrong. While the tunnel is encrypted it doesn't do much other than hiding your IP. As there are other means to detect a device/person this only mitigates one of many, many data points that together are considered an online identity. And it is crucial to understand this. The analogy is also wrong. It is like sending a box to somebody that then sends the box to someone else that the box was initially intended for. It doesn't remove the need for trust in the way the packet is sent but adds the need to trust another "person" in between, the VPN provider. This is essential to understand as there were cases where VPNs were provided by governments / secret services and even criminals in the past and because as long as they are hosted in a country where disclosure of customer information is legally settled they can and WILL give out your information to law enforcement and other entities. 
    Wrong. Your personal information is still on the computer you are working with. The info you previously have disclosed stays disclosed and you potentially add the info that you potentially got something to hide by using a VPN (there is way more than the IP address that can be used to detect devices and people on the net). Nothing is nullified. The typical hacker doesn't have access to your IP nor any means to connect to your computer to hack you. Hacks towards the regular enduser are mostly taken out by content and links you click on, received by email, chats, pms, or internet search. They either fool you into believing you would get an advantage by opening the content or by making you think it is legit. Often the malware used then provides some means for the attacker to connect to your system using bot networks, reverse shells and lots of other methods. None of them involve the hacker needing to know your IP. Nothing of that is nullified by a VPN and nothing is kept out of the wrong hands.
    Wrong. As stated above it does nothing about end-to-end encyption but adding another "man in the middle" that has access to the metadata of your communication. Communication for most websites (like Stake) is already encrypted end-to-end simply by the fact that they are using HTTPS/TLS.
    Wrong.  There is no such thing as complete anonymity on the internet and as mentioned, the IP is one of the least important data points when it comes to anonymity.  The rest of the paragraph doesn't make any sense as it confuses anonymity and security/safety which are seperate topics with only a very limited overlap.
    .... And these are only the first 5 paragraphs of the guide. I could continue like this but as most people won't read it nor think for themselves it would be wasted time.