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  1. Hope you redeem your reload today. 10 USD is better than no USD. Too easy mate - Play Smarter.
  2. sport:6620051 Coin Toss Result = Heads Which team will win the coin toss? = Buccaneers Jersey number of first touchdown scorer = Even Will there be a 2-point conversion attempt? = Yes A longest successful field goal = Over Which TE will score more Touchdowns? = Gronkowski Will there be a scoreless quarter? = No Will the team that wins the coin toss win the game? = No Not including extra point(s) after touchdown, what will the last score be? = Touchdown Will the game be tied at any point after 0-0? = No Will anyone other than Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes attempt a forward pass? = No Will Antonio Brown score a Touchdown? = Yes What will the first turnover be? = Fumble Which team will commit the first accepted penalty? = Buccaneers How many interceptions will be in a match? = Over Which QB will have more passing yards? = Brady Will any QB throw over 350 yards? = No Which quarter will have the most points scored? = 3rd Will there be a touchdown scored by the defense? = Yes Will the final play of the game be a quarterback kneel? = Yes Tie-breaker: What will be the total amount of points scored by both teams? = 56
  3. Congrats, you did something that's very statistically probable. ????? Who gives a sh1t
  4. XMR is probably the best if you want to transact in a truly anonymous manner. For high-volume stuff, check out coinjoins.
  5. Rephrase the question; it's very poorly put
  6. Missionary of course. Sex without kissing is pretty boring for me
  7. Why would you bring up religion at work? Sounds to me like a recipe for disaster
  8. Never during sex, but I've gambled during foreplay before. She was like, wtf, get off your phone. XD
  9. Death is too easy a punishment. Rotting away in prison seems like far worse a prospect to me. I don't fully understand why people crave capital punishment so much. It's not real justice; it's just 2 minutes of anxiety and pain. Prison is 80 years of shit.
  10. The fact that other intelligent lifeforms existence would serve only to lend more credence to the idea of God.
  11. The fact that every action has a cause necessitates a prime mover. Therefore, God is necessary for the world to have been created. It is a simple fact that God is real. I hope Jesus returns in our lifetime to prove all of the naysayers wrong.
  12. Changing seeds has zero effect on game odds since games are atomically generated.
  13. The seed you choose has no bearing on the odds of 'reds' or 'greens' appearing. Since games are atomically generated, the odds remain exactly the same regardless of which seed you use.
  14. The casino has a flat house edge and there's pretty much no way to reliably win in the long term. On the other hand, when it comes to table tennis, with a spot of form analysis and bookie advice, there's a chance you can reliably beat the house edge. Of course, not everyone can do it, but it's possible.
  15. Sitting around waiting for an alarm to ring every 10 minutes... Quite a comical image. Wouldn't you rather spend that time working or being a productive member of society? I'm sure you'd make more money that way as well.
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