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  1. feeling the same way a stablecoin would be very nice !
  2. Hey man the bet on 5th goal means that when the bet ends and the total score is 4 you win but in your case another goal was kicked (the fifth) so you lose the bet sorry for you but there is nothing weong with your bet
  3. hey im on the list but the coupon doesnt work for me
  4. Hey and welcome Hope you have a nice time here
  5. Hey and welcome to the fam 😁🙈
  6. Done it because i rly love the site trustpilot : Hugthis Stake : hugthis
  7. Hello Community 🤓 I was thinking about this for a while and want to hear your meanings about it. so here is my idea : i personally would like to have a onsite Token that i can exchange my btc/eth/...to with a exchange rate 1$ = 1 or even 10 Tokens. now you maybe ask yourself why i suggest this kind of stuff? Its pretty simple 😀 sometimes i dont look as close i would like and bet more or less i actually want to bet. and with the token the problem would be solved because we all would know how much it is worth and how much we bet. i would love to hear what you guys think about it good luck betting Hugthis
  8. Slots is pure luck i usually play on 10 lines smaller chance to win but higher payout then 20 lines example : u play 20 lines and bet 0.1 eth thats 0.005 eth per line now we say you hit 3 red stones and it pays 4x the winning one the line (if not connecting with another line is 0.02 eth) but if you bet the same on 10 lines you win 0.04 buts its harder to hit pls correct me if im wrong guys