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  1. how about you develop on application type of this site good sir? i think it will be lit
  2. how to get vip thou? im new to stake i want to explore new things here
  3. If I accidentally clicked on the bomb the first game, I just click where the bomb was on the 2nd game, i think there's a huge chance that bombs are not there anymore
  4. no because i only gamble on my free time and i want to maximize the time.
  5. seems pretty hard for me,so i didnt have the guts to play high multiplier, one more problem is the balance its only limited
  6. do you have any idea how to avail the boost?
  7. i don't remember the amount but the game i played to win was wheel
  8. Hi my friend, just believe in your luck, i just cashed out my first winning
  9. Dice is still the game for me.