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  1. got 1, maybe ill be the lucky one:D 500$ win would be a lifechanger for me
  2. I've never lost more than $2000 cuz i've never had more in my life.
  3. There was a time when all the money i've earned in any way, the first thing i've thought of was - damn I'ma just deposit it on X or Y site and I'm gonna have a few times more! This way I have lost tons of money in the past. After few months of being lowkey addicted to gambling(that wasn't a big addiction, my biggest loss was like $500 at once cuz I've never had a lot of money but anyways most of my money went to gamble) I've found out I'm like always broke. Finally I've learned to make money-spending prorities and gambling has became more like entertainment from time to time instead of everydays routine. Although, I still find myself just a bit addicted to gambling, since still a lot of % of my money goes into sites such as stake. But working on that, hope soon I'll be able to have X money and not think about gambling it out lol. Looking forward to your gambling-addiction biggest losses and wins and what's ur situations rn : ) ps: I know my english is terrible, sorry for that also this is my first post on this forum.
  4. 0 so far i've been taking part for like 2 months
  5. guess ill visit with phone to check for some juicy christmas rains or giveaways but for a while only i guess
  6. man i dont have anything to save but if i had id probably leave it for the big christmas races.
  7. i agree, adjustable roll speed would be cool.
  8. im new on stake so about 3 hours a day i guess, but i got bronze star today.