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  1. Erdene

    My calculation for December trade

    i 'm the 8th, so no prize?
  2. Erdene

    My calculation for December trade

    @neoooo Maybe you could do also with Nov Fantasy Trade? I'm waiting for it 2 months, just wondering where I ended.
  3. Erdene

    Making new friends

    Thank you all! @skillex of course I remember you, I 've sent FdReq on stake already. I lost 0.21 BTC last days so I have no money to play here, still waiting the winners announcement of November Trades, I hope I won something there hehe
  4. I think that's why the Satoshi nakomoto won't announce himself (themselves). It's for safety reasons.
  5. Самое главное не забудьте учесть что сложность все еще будет расти, а через год или через 3 года, награда за майнинги уменьшится ровно на половину. Ну что, так и никто не рискнул попробовать hashflare?
  6. Erdene

    My calculation for December trade

    @Dan when will be Nov winners announced? The NY's Eve soon, it will be surprise for us... The last time they said it will be announced in 2-4 days (3days ago)... Any update?
  7. code: BTC invested: $15,000 ----- code: XRP invested: $25,000 ----- code: IOTA invested: $10,000 ----- code: BCH invested: $25,000 ----- code: DGB invested: $25,000
  8. Erdene

    End of year bitcoin prediction!?

    BTC will be hard forked again on 28th of dec. SegWit2X, so this means price will rise to 18k and then go down again... but in the beginning of 2018 it will go to the moon
  9. Вообще майнить через комп можно и даже на freebitco.in и каждый час с кранта получаешь и плюс майнить можно бесплатно. Только смотрите не сожгите CPU на компах из-за копеек
  10. Erdene

    A never ending thread (last post wins)

    MrBoss what is the prize? If it's worthly prize I can ask to close this thread and my comment will be the last one, lol
  11. Нет. difficulty для BTC майнинга щас 187млн. она не зависит от цены
  12. Erdene


    @vuongdzJust check those sites for yourself guys. @skillex reading the news about everycoin
  13. Erdene


    There is trading sites such as Bittrex, Bitfinex, Binance, Cex.io and etc. You can make technical analyze on their charts and buy/sell altcoins and make good profit. How to know the fall or rise? You should read every single minute about the altcoins. Who has more information and knowledge will make more profit. It's that easy
  14. Что за бабки? Не понял?