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  1. Plinko X1000 Win

    @coinformantwooow, really nice hit! Congrats! wish you more x1000
  2. NBA

    T-Mac forever, Tracy McGrady was the reason why I started to watch NBA, and he was also the reason, why I don't watch it now...
  3. Primedice vs. Stake

    Stake of course. BUT stake has very often lag issues... only thing what holds down stake is lag
  4. OlegBarca's Stream #142!!!!!!! STAKE!!! Giveaways!!

    Удачи Олег!
  5. Do you love slot game?

    My fav slot game is "Ring the bells" and "Tarzan" hehe
  6. Good luck buddy Stake ID: Erdene
  7. Lie to me !

    @xtinepink I guess 2 is lie. Because how it is possible to cry for 3 days? You should sleep and while you sleeping, you cannot cry...
  8. Bitkong

    @chrisconn63 yo bro you did depo there???
  9. Майнинг

    Да нет, просто я поговрить как лучше вести майнинг, какой пул лучше выбирать, сколько щас дает и т.д.
  10. This was my biggest win on BJ Blackjack:79,546,474, what is yours?
  11. Altcoin miners

    Any Dash miners here? Anyone who has D3 miner? I have some qestions.
  12. Let's better build time machine and buy some btc from 2015
  13. After 18th of Nov fork, it will split BTC again
  14. Biggest win on plinko

    My biggest was 1111bet on x1000, but that is first time ever I was unhappy about my win. Sad story. I played more then 800 times, I started from 500 then made it to 1000, then 2500, then 5000, then 9000, and I had feeling that I will get that x1000 very soon and so I decided to rise it and make 11111, but activated that 9000 bet and changed it to 1111, and Boom after 5-6 bets it went straight to x1000 I was so happy thought I won 12M, then I saw my balance it was only 0.02 btc. I checked my bet and It was very very miserable moment when i realized i bet only 1111 instead of 11111
  15. New ICO

    Any new good ICO for investment?