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  1. this seems interesting i should definitely do some research regarding this topic have a nice day ahead
  2. Good luck you too mate slow and steady wins the race and stake have many races everyday
  3. rckbrrnts Welcome to stake community some suggestion for you join stakes telegram channel https://t.me/StakeCasino As they post daily challenges and you can take part in them wait for notification on telegram and hop in to challenges room . Good luck have fun but Gambling can be addictive. Play responsibly.
  4. Tttlll Welcome to stake community mate , Wish you goood luck have fun but Gambling can be addictive. Play responsibly.
  5. 😂😂😂 always use instant bet so that you can't see where the ball landed 😛
  6. That's great, I hope indian govt. also take some initiatives regarding crypto and encourage blockhain in its mechanisms .
  7. Yes bro we loose free money much faster as most of the time what i use to do is play a high payout on dice with free money. If its a hit then its goood 😍 if no hit it was free money 😛
  8. Monthly Goals seems nice but it will only sustain if i manage to keep my balance up not played much on stake just starting wondering about the VIP tiers lets see for now my first goal is to reach a VIP tier 😅
  9. i hate plinko as i always got 0.2x never tried keno though will try them in near future and share my experiences.
  10. Yeah i agree with brad1278 winners between 51-100 will get small prize, As competition is quite high any many will surley not profit.. from that none the less i will try 1000$ race today and see what happens wish me luck have a good day