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  1. rainbot Not fair only 10 or 20 user get all rain Must be modified rainbot And adding new rules 1-only vip can get rain 2-It should be random 3 - There is user said the users blow VIP should wager 1000 usd easy to prevent the bots but starting from bronze get rain easy without weekly wager
  2. mistro

    Plinko 1000x

    iam never hit 1000 i think hard but same day i will win 1 btc in plinko
  3. sure pizza and Burger its my beast
  4. hey good luck all hope all win
  5. RenBot should be updated in stake 3 only same people get all rain Some rules can be added To prevent beggars 5000 usd wager to get rain or only vip get rain Ran bot is now not fair thx
  6. My favorite Hunter x Hunter and dragon ball
  7. i think rainbot hate me whay This is an injustice i feel sad
  8. 1 year now never get rain every day depo and call support help me Nobody helps iam so so sad i play from my mony only i cant use rain 1 year now i hope help thanks
  9. love you eddie Merry Christmas to everyone good luck all
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