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  1. Its hard to say when your in a roll and also when you see that you reach a certain amount you can withdraw it. We humans have been always been greedy thats why we usually want it all and it usually ends with bust or win, if its a win then we sometimes withdraw it and bring it back to gamble thinking we can win more maybe its our lucky day. And thus we bust. As for some of us, they are contended with theyre withdraw. And win a good amount. So answering your question of how much will i withdraw.. it depends on how lucky i am ahaha.
  2. Hi guys again! Should we anticipate this 2020 a new game in stake? Crypto? Or new events? If you guys got any idea on improving stake lets share. 😊 maybe we ask them to make it, and maybe you can see your suggestions getting implemented. Thanks.
  3. Thanks bro!! You too have a happy new year!!
  4. Happy new year guys!! And may tidings be with you this upcoming year!! 2020 fast approaching, with a big big fireworks display again!! Will stake be a blast also like those big fireworks? Cheers again!! Happy new year!
  5. 2020 will stake overcome that year? If so, will stake grow to even more than just a crypto gambling site? Or will it become a figment of our memories in that incoming year. 🍀 Good luck on this upcoming xmas and new year guys
  6. 2020 is it a new start of luck or not??? Lets hope that our luck will change when 2020 arrives just like changing the seed, and also hoping to have a best new year this upcoming year also!
  7. Christmas is fast approaching and we all need to spend good moments with our fams but before christmas arrives what will you do? Before xmas i will try to finish all events if i can do that, also ima make some eggnog while im at it. How about you guys?