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  1. I've been enjoying the various question on freerice especially the anatomy section, where you can expand your knowledge about our body functions. I dont know if 23010 grain 🍚🍚 hope that it can help them fill theyre tummy. In regards with the charity i suggest to help africa, the african food and peace foundation. Where we can profide help for theyre food and education for the children of africa. Our brothers and sisters need help with this to ensure that they can stand up in the near future near by us. And to help imrpove the way of living here on our beloved mother earth.
  2. Let me ask you with the same question, do you want to loan for gamble?? See? Your asking and answering, you already know the answer. Loaning for gamble is not advisible because gamble is not a 100% you can pay back the loan and its not a productive part to you. Try loaning for a car which you can use for your everyday life. Or loaning a house to live on. Not loaning for gamble, if you start loaning just to gamble, if you lose youll loan again, and again and again. Theres a small chance for you to gain something on gambling your loan. So remember do not loan to gamble. And btw its in the rules that you should not loan.
  3. Meme day for me!! Hope this will pleases you support!!
  4. Theres a possibility for stake to own its own coin. The only problem is that they will invest a huge amount of money just to introduce it to the society. Plus making platform, making air drop just to make it huge. We all know that the people in stake is only around 1000 plus user, and we know that if theres a stake coin users from stake will invest but thats so small, they need more users from outside frok stake to invest its coin. Thats the huge hurdle for stake coin to overcome. But the possibility is there. We dont know what will happen maybe just maybe stake will have its coin.
  5. Why remove some coins? Its better to add more so that player can play theyre preferred coins. And also stake can use other coins for investment purpose ub tye near future
  6. This topic we will be discussing about the program, i know the program sometimes make the game rigged or maybe thats how we view it. So the question is, is it possible to break the program? If so. Are you one of those people who cracked it?
  7. For some of us here on stake, some of us played stake for almost 2 years some 1 year some months and some are new. With that we can say we are gamblers right? Yes, and yes we are gambler. But thats not the topic for this moment, because what am i about to ask you is what are you after on stake? Are you aiming for VIP? Or are you just wanting to win some quick? If so, why? Please answer the question, no judgemental please. ----‐----------- Heres my answer for my question if you guys want to hear it, from the start i only want gains or what you guys know it win, and cashed out. But when you start to notice that your losing and theres no more funds you tend to deposit more. And thats when i started to notice the VIP, it broaden my mind cuz my uncle is a vip he gains a lot of benefits in it despite not depositing much. Thats when i started to wage and get the VIP bronze, i know that when getting the vip might cost alot of money, but i think its worth it. Cus of its benifits... How about you guys? Is it worth it to gain vip? This is another question upon answering the previous question. Please enjoy answering.
  8. The crash game, or rocket to the moon is a insane game but its kinda similar to other crash on other site hope it will improve in the near future. Hope that space gary will become the crash icon for the game seeing gary fly up to the moon is cool!!. Blog is quite cool!!
  9. Wow, thats an insane win 4.9 BTC. Now im getting all excited. Hope that stakes slots will be more exciting than the other slots on other site. Big bet win big!! Good luck staker on slots in the future. Sooon. Ehehe.
  10. Hello, if you want to know how to get a reward. You just need to follow this steps: Step1. You must have a single account on household, having multiple will result for ban. Step 2. You must post 50 post, all included the reply and post. (Reminder spam will only result for warning or worst ban) Step 3. When achieving 50 post, starting 51 post will give you some rewards though not all the time because theres only a few specific topic will give you rewards. Those 3 steps will give you rewards and if you gain some reputation the reward will be great.
  11. Hey! Welcome to the stake forum. Glad to have you here not so new member, ehehe. Hope you will enjoy the program here on forum. Good luck and have fun.
  12. Getting the 10B bet is like shooting a different bird on a flock of other birds in a 1 kilometer range using a pistol. its like that hard. So the strat there is to pray and pray hoping u hit the 10b bet, and for the wager. You must start ur bet when its 9,999,900,000 thats where you must start to bet. Bet with 10k sats.
  13. BombMagneto


    Hello! So your still playing stake now? Or jusy investing? Either way nice to meet you Joeri from netherlands!! Im from philippines by the way.