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  1. Hey There I want to put this out there....... and see who agrees with this. But as most sites, there are regulation in keeping checks on your site staff. A Monthly Evaluation on Mods should be in place to make an improvement for stake in future. This will see what their reasons for Perm Mutes are, Time Outs on Users, and if they have been abusing the power or they have been making the site more enjoyable for new users that have come along. What do you think?
  2. SLOTS: 20,302,617,653 placed by BlitzyDoge on 14/04/2020 Wagered 121.07344658 Multiplier 207.5x Profit 25001.66671877
  3. When Alt accounts get caught on Stake Giveaways
  4. sorry to hear that bud, yeah i got caught by that too, now i refresh every rain i make just to double check what the correct balance is. the other way you can check is by clicking on the withdraw tab, wait a few seconds and it refreshes the balance you actually have, if that doesnt work then yeah refresh the whole page.
  5. The friends i have made in such a short period of time, and becoming Platinum
  6. my opinion i think they need to bring 1 out every 6 months. let people get the feel for each game before moving onto a new one. this way they get to know what 1 they like best. release all at once and then i feel like stake wont grow as fast as it is now. as ive been told before "better to go slow and win a race, than to go fast and crash in last"