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  1. After an absence of more than two weeks I have returned now. What are the conditions and is there something new and I hope everyone is happy. And now I will never from scratch, wish me good luck
  2. nuroxx02

    pes 20 or fifa20

    Who do you think will succeed more? fifa 20 or pes 20 me i think fifa is best game for ever .and pes Its time expires he is a bad graphic
  3. Bitcoin means different things to different people. For some, it is a future of freely moving currency untied to any central bank. To others, it is a purely digital entity of questionable value and dubious origin. But what is Bitcoin, in the most basic sense? Bitcoin means different things to different people. For some, it’s the future. For others, it is a speculative bubble about to burst any day now. And for most, Bitcoin is still a mysterious platform for internet money. Let’s take a look at what Bitcoin really is.
  4. The word “fork” is somewhat confusing because there are different kinds of “forks” that can mean very different things. A codebase fork is a copy of the code of a software implementation. A codebase fork typically makes tweaks to the original codebase. In the context of Bitcoin, codebase forks can be entirely compatible with the Bitcoin protocol, they can cause a blockchain fork or they can establish a whole new cryptocurrency. A blockchain fork happens when a blockchain branches into two versions of transaction history. This can happen for a number of reasons, can be expected or unexpected and can, depending on the circumstances, lead to a number of outcomes, ranging from a single orphaned block to a whole new cryptocurrency.
  5. If you are thinking through the process of accruing bitcoins, you may be wondering where to keep them once you’ve done so. After investing time and resources into the digital asset, can you be sure they are locked safely away for when you want to use them? In truth, bitcoins aren’t “stored” anywhere. As a purely digital entity, it is not as if they are held in bank vaults or stuffed under mattresses. They are accessible through Bitcoin addresses, which require a set of digital keys for entry. So, the question of how to securely store bitcoins comes down to the security of these keys. Every Bitcoin address has two keys: a “public key” and a “private key.” Bitcoin addresses are derived from public keys, and these Bitcoin addresses are shared. Think of it like sharing your email address with someone: they can send you an email but can’t get into your inbox to read your mail. Similarly, nobody can get into a wallet and take bitcoins from it with a public key; it can only be used to send bitcoins. Therefore, it is safe to share. A private key is what allows users to take bitcoins from a wallet or to send them to others, and it is what must be protected to keep a user’s bitcoins safe. Whoever holds the private key is considered to be the “owner” of the bitcoins at that address, although technically it’s possible to possess somebody else’s keys without owning the bitcoins they lead to. There are a few different methods that users employ for protecting their private keys.
  6. Bitcoins can be obtained in numerous ways, each of which are entirely different from one another. It is important to note that bitcoins are incredibly easy to send. As a result, they take the form of a highly transferable commodity. This is important because, although this guide will walk through the common ways to get bitcoins, there are actually countless ways to get them as they can be sent in exchange for anything the other party is willing to accept. Is A Whole Bitcoin Really “Too Expensive”? Bitcoin is divisible by nine decimal places. As a digital currency, one of bitcoin’s biggest attributes is its ability to be sent in increments called “satoshis.” As a result, bitcoin can be bought, sold or exchanged in increments much smaller than an entire bitcoin. For example, if one whole bitcoin is $10,000, a smaller amount of bitcoin — represented as 0.01 BTC, for example — would cost just $100. In Bitcoin’s early days, and we mean really early, the practical way to obtain bitcoins was by mining. Mining is the process by which newly minted bitcoins are released. Back then, the difficulty of the network was low enough that regular computers’ processing units (CPUs) and graphic processing units (GPUs) could mine bitcoins at very little cost. Today, the landscape around Bitcoin has matured into an industry worth billions. As a result, the methods around acquiring the digital currency have evolved to more than just mining. Nonetheless, mining is still possible.
  7. Storing bitcoin in a safe location has its challenges. This is because bitcoins aren’t physically “stored” anywhere. As a purely digital entity, it is not as if they are held in bank vaults or stuffed under mattresses. They are accessible through Bitcoin addresses, which require a set of digital keys for entry. So, the question of how to securely store bitcoin comes down to the security of these keys.
  8. In the digital age, the ideal brand new currency should have at least these three characteristics: 1: It should be free from the control of any authority so that it cannot be manipulated and printed at will (and devalued), and nobody can tell anyone what they can and cannot use it for. 2: The currency should be borderless, so that it can be easily exchanged across any location with anyone. 3: It should be apolitical, so as to not favor a specific system or group of people. In a nutshell, these (among many others) are the characteristics of bitcoin, which looks like an appealing alternative to any fiat-based monetary system.
  9. For a fact, I would not use all of my balance, I'd invest max 20€ in this situation to make it a higher count of it, I tend to do fairly well with low amoints of money once I turned 0.4€ to 900€,but as I don't do well with high balances, I busted.
  10. This is a fairly simple game and there is nothing complicated in it. 😃😃
  11. What is your favorite game in stake ??
  12. nuroxx02

    Bad day

    I no longer have anything lost everything It's a very bad day
  13. i agree 100% i need to set my goals totally get ya! if it works, it works!