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  1. This is a fairly simple game and there is nothing complicated in it. 😃😃
  2. nuroxx02

    bad week

    I don't understand anything anymore In I lose all the time Whenever I play I lose I think I'm having a bad week
  3. What is your favorite game in stake ??
  4. nuroxx02

    Bad day

    I no longer have anything lost everything It's a very bad day
  5. i agree 100% i need to set my goals totally get ya! if it works, it works!
  6. yes, welcome bro start playing in a game Good luck
  7. wow amazing this is very nicee
  8. nuroxx02


    welcome to stake and I hope you have a good time
  9. I think crash or keno is actually the safest game on stake!. When I play crash or keno I do win always win. If I play long enough of course there is difference but I'm not busting. I actually never busted on crash . If you are lucky you can rise your balance and if you are not lucky at least the balance will stay the same. I actually like the game for that. What do you think guys? Do you feel safer when playing crash or keno than other games
  10. I heard a lot about this site, Today I made my first experience I found it very cool and easy to use I like what it has
  11. nuroxx02

    Favorite song?