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  1. On slots massive (multipliers) payouts happened to me several times, right when you dont expect it to happen. First one was on Fruit Party (In approx the 5th sspin) I hitted 5000x with a 1.20$ bet. Then a day after I started Reactoonz2 (for the first time), was wondering why that 1st round took so long. Apparently I hitted something over 1000x but that was with the lowest bet amount (just to try it out). Ive had plenty of 1k+ payouts wether it's on Live Shows, Stake originals or many different slots. The best one so far in a single bet was this one (16.8k $) 420x on Plinko also tried 120$ basebets but didn't hit PLINKO: 31,094,574,967 placed by MuskyDICE on 13/11/2020 Wagered 0.08588000 Multiplier 420x Profit 35.98372000
  2. 1.11 casino:28921032342 2.22 casino:28921033513 3.33 4.44 5.55 6.66 7.77 8.88 9.99 10.10 11.11 12.12 13.13 14.14 15.15 16.16 17.17 18.18
  3. Doesnt matter I use the full 32 chars and the pwgen tool in linux. a4CGq0k68DCt3MIT7YjBjYBbU8U4bvUq QP3nn5ymhE5IkrJIPNLujpyjyw1vYegk 9v09WgfKGsK5kVT7ADgdl4mAUXU2Yi61 D0oeS1R7wwiALGm2KHY6hyjtEaWmTvdZ 6d1YyBHNSkqqr1cfapTjVjRhkd7nDTRn avOKzYat8ROnMHBtN3xDHvdSxtavIhCB bP1DoOU4jvkYkMZJ5EuMoumsH9mok03P TkwNfZbx2ariF7E2Zue0eBrbUZkJrBJI 6fcTFi8mKyhFOELHSISOz8hSa4zsB7Rl n2KtM3h8nNSMesELcLUPoqegxaOsXhxW J7HomdocqpvTsQwcYG6ORigVoei3ASUW IVvWlnHUfnkPQmzIbaXPq2CTqaTsAHvs y60dAHDaOkdzagOfb0i8u6SXtAQ9B0YP 3s0TlMjOBtvVimAFidQOTxvu93UlQcOm 7RGwpDGiw9LwQ83xFXucrNaTyCnvrBHh LiBEHx8dhIu5CT17hGDh3yrDWAKJhpEu XwhLovqLorDPP4VN7P1c1ZiT7kOkkDGq TARg870BZVWovKNjBUHEatfDD55G6a7C GDy1m1WMxJ8pmcm63OUdP5F2LkBjNPoK 7S5J1cbBYzzU0xMaTXE1QgAILWSfzE3L MzGs6yGxFQ98KVFtYBMbsMxtZTANNTkQ i5HiEkPTggm8PkJYTUxIcoVGhevMoUJ1 8F3M93ukx1ZYUVxgeIUuFV9ls48r0IEx QZkCFOhtwKDuk6Q5edRSHRY0SgCQ2PeF dLkcJ8pa2m1a3zo98xrRW7yXNrtT4WrI 0cYQEZcJtpW1CoMRWkLE17jG6WeLspjf
  4. LIMBO: 28,086,067,724 placed by MuskyDICE on 20/08/2020 Wagered 8.59000000 Multiplier 300x Profit 2568.41000000
  5. LIMBO: 25,834,345,053 placed by MuskyDICE on 10/07/2020 Wagered 6.25000000 Multiplier 900x Profit 5618.75000000 KENO: 25,713,073,984 placed by MuskyDICE on 08/07/2020 Wagered 200.00000000 Multiplier 500x Profit 99800.00000000 LIMBO: 25,605,741,987 placed by MuskyDICE on 06/07/2020 Wagered 0.25000000 Multiplier 200x Profit 49.75000000
  6. Mission impossible! If it hits it better be on a higher base-bet. Def following this hunt! Good luck everyone
  7. Yeah was more focussed on Playing rather than being active here! I guess it's to avoid people scamming by posting several entries! ๐Ÿ‘
  8. Ahh! Ah well just watching his streams is already fun! Thanks for the info ๐Ÿ‘
  9. I have all consoles a massive game PC, downloaded CoD and havent had time to play. From Counter Strike 1.2 onwards I have been a Professional CS player and I was highly addicted. Unfortunately the prizes of winning in a Tournament was a joke compared to how this developed over the last 10 years. I'm getting old I guess different priorities and less time ๐Ÿ˜‘
  10. Hey Stakians! often I just watch Eddie's stream, this time I wanted to post and join. However somehow I'm often unable to reply on topics. Like I just can't find the reply /post button. What's the secret? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  11. LIMBO: 22,297,664,701 placed by MuskyDICE on 16/05/2020 Wagered 1000.00000000 Multiplier 600x Profit 599000.00000000 DICE: 22,302,819,300 placed by MuskyDICE on 16/05/2020 Wagered 16000.00000000 Multiplier 19.8x Profit 300800.00000000
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