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  1. Hello! Welcome! I like playing Slots, and my fav color is green. )
  2. Yeah, that's right. First you win 15 free spins, and then if you've got 3 or more scatters within those free spins, you receive additional 15 free spins, and so on.
  3. I choose a game which gives me more fun when playing it. Currently it's Slots on Stake. I really like everything about the game, the way it looks, the sounds ... and, of course, the payouts when I win. )
  4. Once I won $500 in a poker tournament. I withdrew $450 right away, and left $50 to play more. Eventually I lost those $50, but it took more than 6 months. My advice, if you win, withdraw 90% of your balance right away.
  5. No, I wouldn't say I get high when I lose, but I heard stories that some people do. I new a gambler who was comparably rich, and he was visiting casinos not to win, but to lose and get high from that. Also he said he liked catching compassionate eyes on him. Idk, not my kind of thrill exactly.
  6. When something interesting is happening, time always passes fast. Remember, when you are watching a boring movie it feels like an endless one, and vice versa.
  7. Thanks for this great explanation! It's more fun when you know what's going on. I still feel that I can use some more info though. Can someone, please, explain why the payout was 10x in the case below? EDIT: Or here, for example: I thought I should win something with this outcome, but the payout is 0.
  8. 1. Eye-appealing design of the games and of site overall. Pleasant sound, not annoying. 2. The second reason is Slots on Stake(at least currently). I love the game!
  9. Never risk the money you can't afford to lose. You should even deposit such amounts on a gambling site.
  10. Great advice, mate! Chasing their losses is definitely not what a sane gambler should do.
  11. Hunting for big multipliers is definitely worth it. You may not be in big profit overall, but it's such a good feeling seeing a green when betting with 0.1% win chance or lower.
  12. That's a great win, OP! Congrats! I'm new on this forum too. (This is my very post here) I hope for the same luck. :)