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  1. Good strategy, OP. I mean it can be entertaining, but risk a lot of money with it, because anything can happen, you know. Anyways, I like, and I'll try it some time, but only the funds I can afford to lose.
  2. OMG, grats! I can't believe how lucky you are. I mean, the profit, it doesn't matter. What matters is the multiplier. I'm struggling to get anything higher than 2,000x on mines, and you've got 2 million! Congrats again! That's a great luck!
  3. No, I don't copy others' bets on sports book. I want to try my own luck, not someone else's.
  4. We do have land based casinos where I live, but I never go there since a friend of mine took me to one of the places once. I don't like the aura, so to speak. I think online casinos are better in many ways.
  5. Betwrong

    Its not that easy

    We all know it's about luck, right? Once I won with 9900x payout on PrimeDice with only 24 bets made. On the other hand, I saw people complaining about not hitting it within 30k+ rolls.
  6. I usually deposit 0.002 BTC, which is more than $10 currently. It's not that I gamble it away in one day, because it's more than I can afford to lose in one day. But, on the other hand, even if I lost this amount in one second it wouldn't be the end of the world for me. I suggest you to deposit 3-5 times more than you can afford to lose in one day, and restrain yourself from gambling for several days in case of losing it too fast.
  7. You can play with something similar to martingale strategy, only double your bet amount not after each loss, but after 5-6 losses, and return the the base bet after 10x or higher. I know it's never guaranteed, but it works for me so far . )
  8. Right now the biggest motivation for me is the possibility of winning with over 1 million x multiplier on Mines. After seeing some people actually winning with those high payouts, I'm trying my luck with them too.
  9. I think this thread needs a bump. I personally had a great pleasure reading it.
  10. No, I wouldn't teach my kids, because there's nothing to teach of. All the people who have become rich of gambling just happened to be lucky, and it's impossible to teach someone to be lucky.
  11. Hello! Welcome! I like playing Slots, and my fav color is green. )
  12. Yeah, that's right. First you win 15 free spins, and then if you've got 3 or more scatters within those free spins, you receive additional 15 free spins, and so on.
  13. I choose a game which gives me more fun when playing it. Currently it's Slots on Stake. I really like everything about the game, the way it looks, the sounds ... and, of course, the payouts when I win. )
  14. Once I won $500 in a poker tournament. I withdrew $450 right away, and left $50 to play more. Eventually I lost those $50, but it took more than 6 months. My advice, if you win, withdraw 90% of your balance right away.