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  1. I'm just a newbie in the crypto industry and i think this article will answer the question https://noahcoin.org/blog/crypto-dictionary/
  2. I think the industry will thrive. Though there has been a few political bumps... i think the industry will make noise and attract more people to get into cryptocurrency. Here's a blog I saw that explain important statistics https://noahcoin.org/blog/statistics-that-make-cryptocurrencies-worth-considering/
  3. My interest in cryptocurrecncy started a year ago. We had a mini reunion with my college friends. One of them shared that he's been investing in bitcoin. He explained us a bit how much his making and the digits really got me. So I went home and furiously read about cryptocurrency. Now, I'm a trader and investor na. Here's a link to the blog post that I first read https://noahcoin.org/blog/statistics-that-make-cryptocurrencies-worth-considering/
  4. I totally agree that the word is ready for this kind of technology. But of course, as technology evolves, those people who also wants to exploit the power of this tech is also evolving. They never stop finding ways to hack or hijack even a sophisticated and complex technology such as blockchain. I saw this blog researching abbout this subject matter, check it out. You might find interesting facts here https://noahcoin.org/blog/how-hard-to-hack-blockchain/
  5. Hey you might want to check this out https://noahcoin.org/blog/statistics-that-make-cryptocurrencies-worth-considering/ this article could add something on your list hahaha
  6. Noahcoin is more of a hybrid of simple and flexible. It's just perfect hahahaha here's a guide https://noahcoin.org/blog/how-noah-wallet-works/
  7. I am just starting in crypto trading. I hope everything goes well and change my life for the better. Btw, let's cool off some steam hahahhaha we're being to serious with life. Here's some memes crypto memes hahahaha https://noahcoin.org/blog/fun-with-crypto/
  8. Crypto trading didn't change my life. It just change the amount of money I have in my bank account. This investment made me economically sustained... but life in general... it did not change anything for me. Anyways, just want to share this blog I saw https://noahcoin.org/blog/fun-with-crypto/ common guys! we are being to serious here hahahha let off some steam.
  9. Cryptocurrency trading is very high risk compared to other investment instruments. In my opinion, if you really want to boost your profit big time, you should treat more like a day job and your night job. If we'll be talking about the roi it can give, crypto trading is very worth it. Just want to share this blogpost I saw https://noahcoin.org/blog/statistics-that-make-cryptocurrencies-worth-considering/ may this could help.
  10. I totally agree!! Aside from that, i think blockchain will always be a question of security for those who are just starting in cryptocurrency. I saw this infographic while searching the net https://noahcoin.org/blog/how-hard-to-hack-blockchain/ i hope you find this informative