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  1. mav is absuing his powerers

    good boy Kappa
  2. Franchico03 Stream with Giveaways

    gl man
  3. What are you currently watching?

    I watch stranger things, salvation, the flash and arrow
  4. Bonus Profit

    Just a suggestion they dont have to implement it but thanks for feedback
  5. Bonus Profit

    I was thinking of this idea before and I thought i might as well just post it here and see if the community likes it and it could possibly be implemented. So basically every 6 hours a random active person in the stake chat will get 100% bonus on the profit they make. I thought this would be a good extra way to reward the active people in stake.
  6. View your referral stake username

    Nice suggestions hope they add it in
  7. Maverick Demote

    I did not create the poll but I can suggest next time. Thanks for the feedback
  8. Maverick Demote

    Read up bro looks like you haven't been following around you've just been hearing maverick chat shit behind our backs whilst we've been muted looking for backup... yes I've been watching chat. If you scroll up i'm not the one using multiple accounts to get tips from tip rains it was someone else. So could you please read up before coming here and chatting shit because of the bullshit that maverick is telling you... He is denying it but he is an abusive mod he just doesn't have the balls to own up to it.
  9. Maverick Demote

    It was not just me who wanted to post this thread alot of people did i'm just the one who stood up for the right thing
  10. A never ending thread (last post wins)

    Maybe the story continues... I won
  11. Word Association

    Ahahah ok sure but you can do either I guess.
  12. Word Association

    Lets play word association i will say a word and the following person must say a word related to the last one. Lets start with: weather