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  1. Fequ


    Thanks man
  2. Well guys the time has come... I got banned. Guess I'm just gonna go back to cs:go gambling :(( time to rip a lot more. Anyways it was fun I guess triggering Kat on support and also Irena guess she got a bit too triggered this time... Ok bye guys!
  3. Fequ

    Chartbet Complaints

    I used to play crash (Chartbet) On a variety of gambling sites, I like the way it is intense because you can compete with other people which adds another aspect to the game, I don't play it on stake because I cannot compete with other players. I think it would bring more players to the chartbet section if you added this.
  4. Fequ

    BitRadio - earn coins while listening music

    Earned quite a lot off this site so far, thanks for the recommendation!
  5. Fequ

    New Year Giveaways and Stream :) Franchico03

    Good Luck!
  6. code: BTC invested: $10,000 ----- code: ETH invested: $10,000 ----- code: POE invested: $40,000 ----- code: XRP invested: $20,000 ----- code: ADA invested: $20,000
  7. Fequ

    Bitcoin Cash

    Yeh maybe to be to be honest the price keeps on dropping and rising... its mad!
  8. Fequ

    Bitcoin Cash

    Bitcoin is becoming more and more volatile by the bit, it doesn't have a stable price. Bitcoin probably won't make it through out these years so its time to start investing in new thing and stop living in the past.
  9. Fequ

    John McAfee Tweets about ELECTRONEUM

    Yeh i think the coin is good not only because it is the first british coin and i am british but the marketing is good and it looks like the guys over there are putting in some real hard work, I actually bought some bitcoin cash and electroneum today. I can't wait to see what happens next.
  10. Fequ

    Bitcoin Cash

    Ok, i will maybe buy some
  11. Fequ

    SashaKarpik Stream #13 STAKE Giveaways!!!

    Good luck @SashaMILAN
  12. Fequ

    Future of cryptocurrency..

    Yeh it sort of has a knock-on effect, People will thing the cryptocurrency they are invested in will go to bad prices so they pull out causing a chain effect.
  13. Fequ

    Future of cryptocurrency..

    I am no expert but i think other coins are made on different algorithms and all made for different reasons. Some are scams but some are legit and could actually be possible for using money itself in the future.
  14. Hello guys, I would like to know everyone's opinion on Bitcoin Cash and whether i should invest. I am really a noob to investing and choosing coins, so please if you can leave me some advice down below. So what do you think?
  15. Fequ

    📢 2017 Stake Awards

    Most loveable Stake member: @badger Funniest Stake member: @skilful Favorite Stake forum poster: @Snike Favorite Stake chat user: @david88888 Most intelligent Stake member: @Etude Most influential Stake member: @rack001 Best Stake moderator: @rack001 Funniest Stake support member: @Mirela Favorite Stake support member: @Irena Favorite Stake admin: @Mladen