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  1. How do I feel when I lose money here? sometimes there is sadness. but what I feel most often is regret. I shouldn't roll anymore when I get a little profit.
  2. ada saran untuk recovery ga bro? jumat lalu saya lose 2,5k doge, trus saya main auto lagi tadi siang, eh malah amblas 2k doge..malah bikin semakin minus saldo di vault..
  3. August is not the lucky month for me. at the beginning of last month I deposit 4k doge and managed to win up to 10k doge. but at the end of August, I was busted and only left 2k doge.
  4. sorry for your loss. maybe add some self-control in the future. don't be lustful in betting. try with a small bet first. I hope you can recover as soon as possible.
  5. wow it turns out that I've been betting the wrong way. even though I had calculated everything, it turns out I forgot to put down the percentage balance. thank you for the post. this really helps.
  6. betting slowly cannot guarantee victory. but at least playing slowly can minimize defeat, all again depends on luck. if today feels dice movement has begun to go wild, you should temporarily close your browser and play again tomorrow.
  7. it's rather difficult to say stake only, because I play on many sites. but frankly while only in stake I enjoy playing dice. in addition to fairness also because the support team is always quick to answer the problems I face.
  8. goal was already set the first time I open my browser.. after setting my goals, I focusing on self control and bet carefuly.. because somtimes greed came and deavour all of my balance in a blink of eye..
  9. rarely withdraw my balance.. because i am using free money and only deposit small amount of doge coin.. my target also only as low as 10k dogecoin each withdrawal..
  10. hello and welcome to stake community, bro..same here, I am still a newbie to, but this is a great community..the people here will be happy to give advice. do not ever hesitate to ask.
  11. 14 reds bet in a row? or in total? do you have a screenshot bro?
  12. similar to what i do everyday.. for warming up, i using zero bet until 9 or 10 lose strike (no matter how many multipliers I use). after 9 or 10 red strike, i will increase my bet starting with 0,1% of my balance.
  13. I agree with the speeds up idea, because in my opinion, betting speed on Stake a little slower than other site. it will be good if we take less time to roll. for the idea of showing 10 or more roll instantly unfortunately, I will choose to disagree.
  14. fast respond, good manners..two thumbs up for Stake Support Teams..
  15. maybe they are afraid of being tracked? i don't know if they can be traced by the IP address so their real name and address can be revealed? but i thinks they avoiding spammer and beggars who want to ask money.