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  1. Up Until now, I am still confuse considering between Trust Wallet and Coinomi. both of them are fast and have low transfer fees. but some of my friends said that their balance loss on that wallets but without transfers history.
  2. i never played other than dice before. i see lot of my friends get addicted to keno and mines. until now i still dont get what so good about those game. maybe i will try to change my fav game to keno and mines later. but thanks for sharing bro
  3. besides the effects for crypto, i think this is a good opportunity to resting our body for a while. with a few days of social distancing, we give our earth a little bit time to rest. and for the crypto, I really hope its will going up soon. just stay save, friends
  4. rarely withdraw my balance.. because i am using free money and only deposit small amount of doge coin.. my target also only as low as 10k dogecoin each withdrawal..
  5. in my opinion, dogecoin still the best coin to invest in..beside from the rate now is still stable, that coin ranked #30 in coinmarketcap..
  6. thanks Mod..i still try to understanding this bot..but still its a work of genius..
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