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  1. well I've been on a 20 loss streak just for going for 2x 50 doge each so it wasn't much but it was very angering for me as I was like wtf is going, mostly I avoid limbo after that.
  2. roulette has been giving me the most return even tho its the game with the highest house edge but I just bet red or black as I don't want to bet big and lose, just small bets, other than that roulette been my "go-to" game for the most part
  3. Welcome back, its weird how you been on stake, but not the forum, but I can understand as many people take breaks from gambling to improve stuff in life or something.
  4. I think venezuala "redid" their currency on how its valued in decimals and stuff but very expensive price still as like most others already said on this thread, the economy is bad and some political issues.
  5. Welcome!, gl on stake, you'll need it and don't forget to have fun, also if you need help stake support will help, the support here is great compared to other sites.
  6. LOlzer


    I agree that positivity will help, as I don't wanna be negative person I wanna have fun and try to make money, its a good feeling if you win and are feeling positive, don't worry be happy, unless you bet your life savings, then worry :p.
  7. If someone sent me 1 BTC I would give it back... if I win on roulette or dice, sounds scummy I know, but thats what I would do
  8. supply and demand, easy concept as bitcoin is limited quantity I believe, and bitcoin stops mining in 2030, tbh its bitcoin so what could you expect, its just as volatile as a nuclear powerplant, anything that can change something and it will explode
  9. I've been on stake since 2017 and the staff are amazing! trivias, challenges, etc, its so fun, and same thing on PD too
  10. listen, I know you might get mad at me for saying this, but its just a casino, there are risks you take, remember the saying "the house always wins" yeah gotta remember that.
  11. 31st min - End of the first half
  12. tbh my favourite all time movie would be "The good the bad, and the ugly" nothing like a good western movie