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  1. Cryptocurrency projects, releasing their token, in 95% of cases forget about the economic component of the token (tokenomics) and support for token holders. TronBomb
  2. The release of tokens is limited to the amount of 100,000,000 (one hundred million) and don’t have additional emissions. TronBomb
  3. No matter if a person is a user or a developer, everyone devotes himself to the creation and prosperity of the Tron ecosystem and receives a reward for his actions. TronBomb
  4. The main goal of TronBomb is to create a platform that includes all the advantages of blockchain technology and takes into account current market problems and disadvantages of competing platforms.
  5. Dividends are calculated in the TRX cryptocurrency, which is traded on the world's largest exchanges. TronBomb
  6. TronBomb – TRON gaming platform has instant winnings and playing directly from the user's wallet.
  7. Tron and its various subsidiary decentralized applications (DApps) do not just reduce user costs, but also increase convenience in everyday life and financial returns. TronBomb
  8. Multiplayer games will add a lot of emotions and increase involvement in the gameplay. TronBomb
  9. The system of token buyback and burning. To reduce the total number of tokens in circulation and increase its liquidity, the project team will carry out the buyback of tokens on exchanges with subsequent burning. TronBomb
  10. Anonymous transactions. Personal crypto wallets do not require verification and identity verification. The user makes private transactions in blockchain. TronBomb
  11. Independent tax regulation. Each user decides whether to legalize funds to the tax authorities of the country or no. TronBomb
  12. All tokens obtained as a result of auctions are burned. TronBomb
  13. Our multi-level referral system will let the participants make a profit. You need: 1. Get your link in the area "Referrals" on our website 2. Invite your friends 3. Start getting neverending rewards You will get 0.15% TRX for all your friends’ bets! TronBomb
  14. No need to create a player account on online platforms. All transactions go directly from player’s wallet. The operations are instant and do not depend on third parties. TronBomb
  15. Honesty. Blockchain ensures the transparency and honesty of the game process, and cryptocurrency acts as a safe payment mean. TronBomb