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  1. what is playing in your mind while betting? is it your investment?the one you can win? =are you going to lose?or what you will do when you win? me, I just think that if I win, I win without spending big money.
  2. I feel you bro, when it comes to free giveaways i have no control of myself i just bet it all, maybe because i think its a free that's why i just bet and bet until i bust it all.
  3. I think it will not, but BTC have its ups and down maybe few more years it will go higher.
  4. i think bitcoin still a good investment up to this date, but you must watch the ups of BTC because sometimes it rises too high then go down too low, my friends are still waiting for the BTC to go higher than usual.
  5. I agree with this, I play Limbo longer than other games here because for me I think i can gain a lot of profit in Limbo than any other games here, especially the mines, i'm not lucky enough playing mines I always chose the bomb. Maybe Limbo is my lucky game.
  6. you want to stay in profit? have a strategy, read some ideas that other players doing while playing, and most of all don't be greedy and keep it calm, yes you lose some but you just keep your calm, you will win eventually just that time its not your lucky hour. Don't be greedy and stay calm, stay your course.
  7. I will sure play it safe and be more careful, trying to bet smaller and sure profit for me to get back on track, small bet and much higher percentage of winning is ok than betting all your btc to get you recover on it.
  8. for me Limbo is make me having a 5x of my money, setting my payout in 3x and bet from small amount and if I lose, I double my first bet until I win, sometimes when you have a big bet then it rolls in 3 or above I win a lot then rest for 10 mins and play again. that's what I am doing right now and it is effective for me.
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