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  1. what is playing in your mind while betting? is it your investment?the one you can win? =are you going to lose?or what you will do when you win? me, I just think that if I win, I win without spending big money.
  2. i have a very good experience in all bet, that time it is not my lucky day and i lose half of my money, and because of that i get angry and i loose my temper and the money i have that time i bet it all, if i lose i will not play that time again but if i win i will withdraw it all and deposit small amount and try to be calm again, and WIN, I thought that was my bad day, but in the end i am lucky enough to win a lot
  3. what if you play with your friend at home and sharing you strategy about the game, then after he hears your strategy he is against that and try to teach you something and then you tried it and bust all your money.will you be mad to your friend and make your friendship ruin by gambling. what do you think ?
  4. if gambling makes you spend all your money and nothing left it you maybe it's time to quit gambling, but me i didn't feel that I need to quit right now because i am a small gambler only, I just bet when I have spare of money then bet safely.
  5. I feel you bro, when it comes to free giveaways i have no control of myself i just bet it all, maybe because i think its a free that's why i just bet and bet until i bust it all.
  6. I consider myself as a small time gambler, why?? because i deposit a small amount only and expect to win a lot and the i will withdraw it, after that i will deposit a small amount again and then expect to win a lot, if i lose i just lose what i deposit not all the money i gained, i actually deposit below $100 only that's why I consider myself as a small time gambler, I always expect big win but not all your expectation will probably be what happen but I have a big big hopes it me
  7. For me, yes, I consider it as a part time especially when you gain profit from gambling, I will save that money and not spend it to some things that I don't need. It's not making it your life, just in your free time as in free time, you have to do your responsibilities and priorities first before betting because how can it be a part time if you just spend your entire money and time in gambling, it is called addiction if you take gambling as your life, what if I lose??gambling is like a coin it only has to sides, it's either you win or lose, if you lose today, tomorrow will be another day, you must have a good strategy and a big amount of luck in gambling, just have fun and be cautious.
  8. me too, I don't think about certain amount I just want to focus on my strategy and if i win i try to rest for abou an hour then play again, and if i win again i'll rest again and if I think I can withdraw, I will try to withdraw it and deposit again to have my capital.
  9. I try to bet .01 BCH in limbo but my payout is x1.3 only and i did profit in this idea for about .7 BCH, and after I withdraw my profit I didn't do it again its a risky thing to do. and my heart pumps everytime i click the bet .
  10. Good for you, you make an alternative way to let your gambling addiction feed, that's okay it is good for someone who cannot control his addiction and let you lose everything, happy for you bro
  11. pay your debts first before you deposit here, you must be more responsible, if you have the money to pay off your loans, pay it first, then deposit if you want to play again, but be careful maybe because you are a good payer he or she will let you borrow again.